Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Investment Piece: Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Time is a ticking! I’m hoping that you’re done (or close to done) with your shopping and that it’s been painless! What may be last on your list? Stocking Stuffers! Little, but mighty, stocking stuffers are one of the first presents opened, and while they can be an item left to the last minute, stocking stuffers are some of my favorites! Here’s my gift guide for stocking stuffers!

1. I love sets of any kind, and little jewelry sets like this one are perfect for stocking stuffers! It’s the perfect balance of cute and little, and you can tailor it to your loved one’s personality.

2. Lip balm anyone? I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t need it, or love to get it! This holiday themed lip balm is perfect for a stocking stuffer, as is any lip balm you love!

3. Every year Santa and my mom find amazing little stocking stuffers that you didn’t know you needed till you got them! Take these decorated wood clips! (Found in the Dollar Section of Target) I’ve gotten a stocking stuffer like this before, and I use my clips to keep my desk organized! They are thoughtful and I would have never bought them for myself!

4. Who doesn’t love candy? From these Champagne Gummy Bears to candy canes, to candy canes filled with candy to chocolate, any of these would make a great stocking stuffer!

Other ideas: gift cards (my thoughts here), tiny toys, electronic accessories, and batteries.
Need more stocking stuffer ideas? From nail polish to carry on cocktails, I have you covered here:

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So from stocking stuffers to big gifts, I hope your shopping is going amazing and you’re staying in the holiday spirit!

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