Lady in Pearls


There is something so delicate about this vintage pearl top–perfect for holiday parties with both skirts, pants or even jeans–but what I love so much is that it’s not precious. Meaning, that it goes just as well with messy hair and sunny day as it does with a party. It’s making my Monday a bit more bearable!

Hope yours is just as grand! XO RA


Top: Vintage, got mine at Garment Modern
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Valentino

Sunday Chronicles: in Progess


It’s the time of year where we not only have jammed schedules- holiday parties, end of school year tests and activities, family commitments, and the pressure to make this “The BEST holiday ever”- but are compelled to look at our progress, to see how far we’ve come this year. By no means am I anti-goal setting, or the awareness of progress. In a few weeks like most of you I will sit down and think about what I’ve accomplished and what I want to get done next year. Progress will be measured, perhaps tactics reassessed, maybe goals changed. I’m not against this. What I do have a problem with is our (okay, maybe my) tendancey to use the last few weeks to beat ourselves with the measuring stick, to look at what we failed to do instead of our accomplishments, to try to cram someting in just so it can be crossed off a list.
Some goals are hard- they take longer than we thought, meander in a crooked line. Sometimes new goals pop up and we accomplish things we didn’t set out to. Sometimes life gets in the way and getting by is all we can do. I hold myself to a high standard but in the past week I’ve watched friends and loved ones use the winding down of the year to beat themselves up over “yearly goals”. And that’s not a holiday tradition I want a part of. Yes, let’s reach high, but let’s recognize that slow progress is progress. That sometimes enjoying yourself on the journey is just as important as the journey.
This year one of my goals was to paint more,I’ve had this canvas for months, know what I want to do with it- and yet it’s blank. This week while fighting a bad cold, determined to make perfect posts, decorate the house impeccably, and have the “best holiday ever” I felt pressure to get it done- if nothing else just to have it done. I resisted (clearly) but there was some guilt. Then I was forced to do nothing for a day but take cold meds and I was really able to take stock. Yes, I have goals and paintings to do- but if they don’t get done in the next 3 weeks no one will die. It won’t be counted against me.
That maybe the way to make progress is to let go of the measuring stick and live. Enjoy the holiday season, which will in turn make it the best! To do what progress we can, realizing that working toward the goal is part of the goal. And if that means canvases stay blank for a week longer,so be it. In progress is not a bad place to be.

Wishing us all a week of joy and amazing shoes! XO RA




There’s the old saying: “There’s a shoe for every moment”. Well–maybe not, but there should be, because every where you look right now, there’s a snakeskin bootie. Who am I to complain about that? I picked this one–I love the mod shape and the gold heel. What about you? Are you partaking in this moment?


Happy Friday! XO RA


Booties: Asos
Also love these, these Tory Burch and these SJP



Chanel presented its Pre-2016 Runway show (I loved it! You can catch it on Instagram or their official site Chanel And while you have to wait to get your hands on it, there were so many elements we can incorporate now to refresh our wardrobes- mainly the lace tights that were everywhere. (sidenote- I Loved the messy beehive and make-up, but am way more qualified to shop rather than do hair!) As the weather turns colder, tights are a great option anyway- but I loved the way these lace ones changed the outfit by becoming the focus. All you need to recreate this look is a black dress- and of course lace hose!

I’d love to know – do you love wearing tights? Will you be trying this look? As for me, I’m off to buy some lace tights!
Happy Thursday! XO RA
Get lace tights:
And even some very budget friendly ones at Target

La Vie Boheme


Tis the party season. And everyone, including all of us, has gone the route of velvet, black, red and green, and plaid to parties. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love those clothes, that texture and print. But when I found this dress it felt like a breath of fresh air–the color means you can re-wear it in the spring, the lace and mesh make it holiday-worthy and the semi-sheer adds a hint of fun. The dress does come with an attached bodysuit–of course a slip underneath would work as well! Heels, or barefoot on a beach, and you’re good to go!

What are some of your favorite party outfits? XO RA

Dress: For Love and Lemons

In Defense of Gift Cards


It’s the holiday season and besides eating turkey this weekend there’s above average chance that you went holiday shopping–for others and yourself! Every site has a list of gift suggestions, don’t worry-ours is coming–but among the knick-knacks, sweaters and clothing, there is often an item that goes ignored–the gift card. I know, gift cards have a bad reputation as a cop out–the gift that’s not personal or thought out. However, in defense of the gift card I have to tell you Internet friends, I love them!

I am a shopper–and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most of you are as well. Which means that more often than not, I have already bought myself what I want. The items on my Christmas list are usually the big ticket items, experiences (trips), and of course I do love the personal gifts that I didn’t even know I wanted (like my dino collection because if you know me well, you know that I love them!). However, what this means is that to me, a gift card is a personal, thoughtful gift. A gc to my fave store, or just one of those MC/Visa ones, is usually a way to contribute to the big ticket item I want. Movie Theater or Airline gift cards allow me to have great experiences that I love. And I’m grateful for that. I take gift cards as a way of the giver saying not only do they get me–that they support my love of shopping (big ticket items and all). So when they’re in my stocking or under the tree–I love it!

What’s your take? Do you like gift cards? Do you give them?

Happy Tuesday! XO RA



Prints don’t need to be scary-in fact I love them at this time of year as they can add a festive pop to any situation. How loud, over the top is up to you–and I suggest you play! However, with low key top and muted accessories they can also be a subtle hint of color!

Welcome to the Holidays! Happy Monday! xo RA


Top: Vintage

Skirt: old, similar here

Black Friday


I have a confession: I am a shopper and I am not a fan of Black Friday. The lines, the crowds, the give me–I find it all over whelming. Luckily, in the past few years the Internet shopping has stepped up the game and you can get great deals–while you’re on the couch! With wine!
Here are some sites to make sure you shop! Hope your Thanksgiving was great and happy shopping!

Net A Porter
And don’t forget, tomorrow is #ShopSmall Saturday! Some of my favorite local shops have an online store:
Recess LA
Garment Modern

Football Chic


This is a week of family and big meals, gratitude and turkey and pie–and for some of us it is also a weekend of Football! It should come as no surprise to you that I am a big football fan, I was raised on it, watch it every week, and am lucky enough to be able to attend both of my teams games this Thanksgiving week. However, I am a still a fashion lover and let’s be honest, sports gear isn’t always made with women in mind. The usual solution is to simply wear team colors–which I do and love. I also love a jersey or t-shirt with jeans (boots, heels, sneakers all go) but for the holiday I’ve decided to step up my game a little bit. I was lucky to find shoes in both my team colors (and the stars work as my Cowboy’s symbol). Then I had this shirt custom embroidered for my college team (I simply bought a shirt and had my dry cleaner do it!) I would love to know–how are you repping your team spirit this week?


Shirt: Jcrew I had my dry cleaner embroider it, another option can be found at here
Purple Shoes: Prada, old
Star Shoes: JCrew, sold out, also love these