Fashion Stories: What we Don’t Keep

As we know, I truly believe that fashion is a way to tell our stories. But, what does that say about the stories we don’t tell- aka the clothes we don’t keep. Surely there’s a story there too. So, let’s chat about it! I share clothes a very sweet family friend gave to me- they don’t fit for multiple reasons, but there is still a bunch of love in these clothes. And I’m hoping that the love gets a new story as I pass them along.

What stories don’t you keep? And what do you think happens to them as we pass them along?
I would love to know!


Inspired by: Valentino Resort 2018

Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort
Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort
Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort

With my fashion choices, I like to think that I get my inspiration from everywhere. However, there are times when I just happen to be inspired by other fashion choices that I either see people making (why street style is still such a strong force) and by the fashion choices presented to me. This week?

Ok. More than a week.

I’ve been inspired by the images of Valentino Resort from 2018 that have been flooding all my timelines. (Both at the time and now!)
Investment Piece: Inpsired by Valenitno Resort

Especially when I realized that this patterned, all the best of the 70s look I could recreate with pieces I already owned.

Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort
Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort
Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort
Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort

Note: none of my brands here are Valentino. Though I do love that house (see here, here, and here, and search “vintage Valentino” in the search bar. There’s not a lot of Valentino I pass up).

What I love about this Valentino Resort look? It’s patterned, all mix, all bold, all subtle. It goes together, and yet, any of these pieces would be great on their own. I love the headscarf. Could we make those a thing? Please? And the loafers (heeled)? Perfection. It’s like the best of logo, the best of patterns, and the best of the 70s. (AKA those sunglasses).

Do I want this Valentino look? Of course.
But then, I realized that I could recreate it with pieces I have!

This wrap dress? (And yes, everyone should have a wrap dress, it’s a basic in my book) Vintage DVF. The pattern and the colors are seasonless and perfect to match with anything. These loafers? Gucci. And yes, I am unafraid to use this turquoise as a neutral. Even here, it doesn’t “match” perfectly, but it goes. And somehow, I had the perfect scarf and sunglasses.

Should you copy everything that comes down the runway or is in an ad? Not at all. Should you get inspired by it? Yes. Take what you love. Turn it into your own. And if you can recreate a look you love? Why not?

I’m already excited for when it’s not 100 degrees and I can put my spin on this Valentino Resort look:
Investment Piece: Inspired by Valentino Resort

Below I’ve linked some Valentino pieces I love, some DVF, some great wrap dresses, and more.
I can’t wait to see what you create and get inspired by!

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Investment Piece: Valentino Resort

Ex Files: The One who was VERY IMPORTANT

Investment Piece: The Ex-files

In my attempt to not only be Carrie Bradshaw, but entertain us all with the horror stories that can make up single life it’s Ex Files! Every month you get a look at some (real) bad dates that I have endured, and lived to tell the tale. Names and some facts have been changed to protect people, but I own the stories!

Need more horror in your life? Check out: The One Who Wanted His Money Back, The One Who Got Married, The One Who Wouldn’t Take No, The One Who Commented on my Weight. And if you aren’t scared stiff, the search tab has even more stories for your dating horror pleasure.

But this month I give you: The One who was VERY IMPORTANT

Some dates end up being horror stories because of the behavior after the date. Some dates are horror stories because of the behavior on the date. This story that combines both types of horrors. And while I maybe should have seen it coming, I was fooled into thinking it could be a great date. The issue? The way to my heart is my shoes. That can’t be a surprise. So when I met George at the supermarket and he complimented my shoes, I couldn’t see anything else. (And they were amazing shoes.)

After flirting and waiting for our juices together in line, I had learned that George was a doctor and a lover of the outdoors. We made plans to get brunch and go paddle boarding on Saturday. I was excited, I was slightly new to town, a fan of paddle boarding, and a man who sees my shoes always seems like a great idea.

Maybe I should wait to see if men can see more than my shoes?

The Saturday George and I were set to meet I prepared-my hair was cute, I was excited. He was over an hour late.
Mind you, he did call and let me know he was having car problems. At first, he thought he would only be 10 mins late. Then it was 30. Then he let me know that I should go ahead and eat without him, that we would meet up for paddle boarding. So I did.
George finally arrived, not prepared, and nonplussed that he was so very late. We headed over to his apartment (across the street) so he could change into his board shorts and we could get to the water.
While I understand car issues, and everyone is late now again, my biggest disappointment was that the charming man I’d met at the grocery store didn’t show up. This George was annoyed at every little thing, from my hair to the traffic, but as we chatted about the plan for the afternoon I discovered that George was most annoyed with my not making him the sole focus of my day.

When I had made plans with George, I thought I was clear that I was free all Saturday till about 3:30 or 4, as I was having dinner with my Grandma. George has orginally thought that was sweet. However, after being so late, George no longer thought the fact that I couldn’t devote my entire day to him was sweet. He was upset that he “wouldn’t have as much time on the water as he wanted”. And he was most upset as “he had a friend going out on a boat, there were going to be hot girls there, and he wanted us to join, but we wouldn’t be done in time”.

Yes, he legit complained that he was going to miss out on hot girls on a boat. And I let George know that if he really wanted to go on the boat that he should, there would be no hard feelings from me. He didn’t leave, but was very upset that he was missing out. I should have left then, but I didn’t.

We went paddle boarding and it wasn’t bad. I did get yelled at for not “being as good” as George was. And George did let me know more than once that he was upset that my bikini wasn’t skimpy, and that I had a time limit. But the date wasn’t the worst ever. I had no intention of a second date, but still.

George and I finished paddle boarding and I made it to dinner with Grandma on time. A few days after, I received a text from George inquiring about a second date. But, he had a caveat.

As it turns out, George let me know that he is VERY IMPORTANT and when he makes plans with someone, he expects them to respect his time and be free for the whole day. He let me know that if I couldn’t commit to that, we shouldn’t go out again.

We didn’t go out again.

Also, if you’re so important that you need people to clear their schedules for you, maybe that’s something you should pay for?

Wishing us all a week of being important and amazing shoes! And great dates!

Fashion in the Wild: the SwimSuit

Loves, I have some shocking news for you. It’s summer. And I’m in a swimsuit. In fact, I’m wearing a swimsuit with EVERYTHING. Pants. Skirts. Shorts. Capes. Alone. With anything I can get my hands on. I have a thing for swimsuit fashion. So much so that I made a little video about it:

It happens every year : the temps go up and my bathing suits come out. Not just to the pool, beach, or under a cover up, but as a base for many, many outfits. This summer may see me hang out more in the back yard, but I’m still using my swim suit as fashion inspiration.  As I shop and put together outfits, I’ll be sharing them with you. In the mean time, stay cool and healthy and in your swimsuit!

I’ve also rounded up some of my current fave swimsuits for your weekend shopping pleasure!

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Palm Springs Summer

a woman in white shorts and a green blazer on a porch with green elephant ears

I’m a believer that seasons have themes, sometimes ones we consciously choose, sometimes we see the theme when we’re done with the season. (And a chat for another time is how we can try to choose a theme but life has other plans!) This summer I’m being conscious about my theme (cue the mood boards and wishlists- which I think help not only focus you on what you want fashion wise but experience wise!)- and I’ve decided that this summer is a Palm Springs Summer.

I currently have no plans to go to Palm Springs- though I’m open to that- but in terms of clothing and plans, it’s Palm Springs. So. What does that mean? Honestly, I began thinking of Palm Springs when

Shift Dresses
From cocktail to pool side, there is nothing chicer or easier than a shift dress. Very 60s, and very Palm Springs. I’m loving these:

The store with the edit that started it all! I’m still loving the slightly vintage feel- and all of these pieces would look amazing with a scarf in your hair and big sunglasses!

I’m still working on my mood boards and I can’t wait to share with you all the Palm Springs and more looks I’ll be wearing here all season long!