Sunday Chronicles: Reset

Investment Piece: How to Holiday: Red and Sparkle

We aren’t waiting anymore, which always feels good.
And now that we’re not, we can take stock: of the new month, the holidays, where we are, where we’re going. 2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years-the pandemic and how that has affected all parts of our lives, among other things. Now we’ve made it to the holiday season, and while it is beginning to feel hopeful, it’s also felt like this year has been a lot.

How I’m dealing with it all (the end of waiting, the start of the end of the year, the hope and the fear) is a reset. I’m taking time today to take stock. What is it that I want to get done in the rest of the year? What is the foundation I want to set for 2021? What do I want to act like? And most importantly, what do I want to wear?

My reset today is contemplating all of that, making plans, resting, and using this break to set up the rest of the year for all that I want it to be. How are you spending today? Are you resetting?
What is it we want from the rest of this year and how can we get it done?

I’ll let you know where my reset gets me!

Wishing us all a week of respite and amazing shoes! XO RA

The Waiting

Are you getting anything done right now? At all? How?
I’m an actress by trade. I’ve had more callbacks than you can count, and have waited on pins and needles to see if I got a part. I can have the patience of a saint. However, this election waiting? A new ball game.

(Fingers crossed by the time this is posted the race has been called)

This is not a political blog. This is not a rant. But I find myself thinking about our stories- both personal and collective. How they influence and take over each other. What we wear to tell each.
This moment is a bit unique- it’s a collective waiting, a collective story, a collective moment. Is it taking all the oxygen from your personal stories? Do you find yourself dressing for the collective story or for your own?

I gave into the collective, but dream of the personal. Aka I’m in sweats hitting refresh on my phone, but stress shopping everything from chic leggings to fall dresses and boots. That’s a part of my story, and this outfit is part of it. Dressing for the collective story is no less valid than dressing for your own story.

What are you doing while you wait? What are you wearing? What story are you telling?

I’m so fascinated by it all. Tell me everything!

Here’s to not waiting!

Designer to Know: Say it with Pins

Investment Piece: Designer to know: Say it with Pins

I’ve always been fascinated by those women who walk into a room and everyone notices. And I’m even more fascinated by the women who seem to get everything that they want, without having to over explain themselves. (Real talk? I’m wordy and would win a gold at over explaining myself.) So, when I had the chance to look at a way that one such powerful woman communicated, I jumped on it!

Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it with Pins
** Did you know that a spider represents patience and predatory behavior? I’m not the only one who suddenly wants to wear a spider on a night out, right?

***And you may have caught on, today isn’t a true “Desginer to Know”, but rather a way to wear a design. (Play on words? Maybe, but related)

Last winter at the LBJ Library in Austin, I got to go see the pin collection worn by Madeleine Albright during her time as Secretary of State. Fashion? Yes. But, Albright also used her collection of pins to communicate with other Global Leaders, and silently but clearly, make her positions and feelings known.

It’s all the best of everything I love about fashion. A personal way to say who you are, and what you’re feeling. It’s a bit cheeky. And pins are a way to stand out. Why don’t we all do this?

Some of my favorite pins from the collection:
Investment Piece: Desginer to Know: Say it with Pins

Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it with Pins
A broken glass ceiling

Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it With Pins
Investment Piece: Desginer to Know: Say it with Pins
Hear No Evil/See No Evil/Speak No Evil

Albright’s colleciton had flowers, butterflies, animals, and all sorts of patriotic symbols. She became known for her pins, and people became adept at interpreting what some of them meant. One of my favorite stories from the collection:
Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it with Pins
Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it with Pins

And I was thrilled to realize that a strong, powerful woman and I have similar tastes:

Investment Piece: Desginer to Know: Say it With Pins
Madeleine Albright’s leopard pin

Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it with Pins
My leopard pin from Bloomers and Frocks

I’m left with two questions: Should we bring back pins?

(Answer: I’m game. I loved that not all of Albright’s pins were designer. Which means-yes, if you can, start collecting Cartier and high end pins. But it also means, Etsy, any jewelry or vintage shop, and any market can provide you with a pin to say something with. )

Do you have to use pins to make a statement?

(Answer: No. Let’s use all of our fashion, accessories, and personality to say what we need to say.)

Which leaves the question: What are you communicating?

I’m off to make statements with my fashion. Join me?

Investment Piece: Designer to Know: Say it with Pins


Investment Piece: Suffragettes

At this point I know you’re tired of hearing me (and everyone) talk about voting. And the election. And it all. I get it- I’m there with you. But I know it’s not a secret that this election has touched me (and so many others) and it feels super big and important. (And yes, why I do have a voting outfit!) Because of everything, we’re taking today off. We’re spending some time in our community. We’re working toward the future we think is best. We’re gathering stories to tell, and planning stunning outfits. We knew we’d be a little distracted today, so instead of being half here, we’re taking the day off.

Wednesday’s post is already scheduled and I’m so excited to show you outfits that are going up Friday and all Novemeber!

I’ll see you after the polls are closed!

Sunday Chronicles: Go Vote

Investment Piece: Go Vote

This is an image I post on my personal Facebook page every election to make the point that change happens on the local level. That it’s in your best interest to care about what’s happening in your community. And this image is just funny!

I almost didn’t post it here, I resisted doing this post. If you’re in the States (or watching from abroad), you know Tuesday is Election Day. You may have already voted, you may be tired of election emails and flyers and calls, you may be feeling a lot (from outrage to exhaustion), you may be doing a lot (voter outreach), or may be worried you’re not doing enough. I am all of that too. This is a place for fashion, and if it’s a place of respite for you I don’t want to take that away from you. I promise not to lecture, or try to sway your vote, but as small a platform as this may be, I felt I had to say something.

Voting matters. Policy matters. We all try to be apolitical, but the reality is that politics and policy affect our lives–so when given a chance, we should vote for the world we want, the policies that would help the collective we.

The mission of Investment Piece is to tell stories using fashion. I firmly believe that fashion and stories matter. That art and beauty matter. That all of us (all our neighbors) matter. There could even be an argument made that art and beauty and each other are the only things that do matter.
I love my job. I love coming up with outfits and telling stories and showcasing other people’s stories here. It feels me with joy, and I know I’m lucky to do something that I love.

I want more joy (and art and stability and all the good things) for all of us. It won’t solve everything, but voting is my way of getting us more joy. Joy starts at a local level, and voting should start there, too.

Vote, research, vote for all the things and joy and hope that you want for the collective we. Here, we’ll be back to fashion soon, I promise. Thank you for indulging me on this message. I hope it wasn’t too much!

Wishing us all a week of joy and amazing shoes!

A Skirt for All Seasons

I feel in love with Mrs. Emily on Instagram. She makes (gorgeous) skirts, which is enough, but her fashion philosophy, her openness about how this is hard (making things, putting yourself out there, believing in big dreams), and her styling tips have made me a loyal follower.

You can shop and learn about Mrs. Emily here. I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter. It’s like a hug from a supportive friend who’s pushing you in the direction of your dreams. It’s a highlight of my week.

When I first found Mrs. Emily, I knew that I had to have one of her skirts. They’re chic and fresh, and I love the idea that it’s a skirt for all season. Something to wear no matter what the weather is like. Something to put on that always makes you feel good.

Investment Piece: A Skirt for all Seasons

So. I chose pink. Which may seem like an odd choice to be a skirt for all seasons. But I think it works.
This isn’t little girl pink. It’s not too sweet. It’s chic and the pop of color makes me happy. Even when it’s in the 60s like today. And it goes with everything:

Investment Piece: Skirt for all seasons
Spring and summer with a tank and sandals

Investment Piece: A Skirt for All seasons
A bit formal with a bustier and heels.

Investment Piece: A skirt for all seasons
Fall and winter with a sweater and boots.

Investment Piece: A Skirt for all Seasons
Office ready with a blazer and heels.

And these outfits are just the beginning. I can (and have and will) pair this with a graphic tee and sneakers, a sweatshirt, a jean jacket, a button down, jackets and coats of all colors, blacks and whites and greys and who knows. It makes me feel good (and the waist band is forgiving which is nice during the holidays!). A skirt for all seasons is a skirt that can love you back. Who couldn’t use a bit more love right now?

I cannot tell you how much I love Mrs. Emily, there just aren’t words. What I can do is tell you that her site (Mrs Emily and her Instagam (@mrsemily) will make you fall in love with her like I have. Check them out!


Fashion Halloween: PJs

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween? That I love “getting” into character, and planning costumes, and sharing them with you? Well, I do. I know that this year Halloween is a little different (though to be fair one of my favorite Halloween activities is staying home to watch “Hocus Pocus” and hand out candy–and not too much will be different this year!), but I still wanted to wear costumes. Since most of us will be home this year, I wanted to explore the world of pj costumes.

It’s a thing.
Or it should be a thing.
We could make it a thing.

While you might be thinking that pj costumes limit you, the reality is that there are SO many costumes you could make out of pjs. From just throwing on a fancy robe and calling yourself a movie star to much more complex costumes.

Such as:
Investment Piece: Fashion Halloween Pjs

Be Moira Rose from “Schitt’s Creek” with a pj set, a vest, and a brooch! (Wig optional!)

Investment Piece: Fashion Halloween Pjs
A slip nightgown, a coat and you’re Mrs. Maisel!

You could even use a nightgown and robe set to be Betty Draper, like I was here

These are costumes whose pieces you probably have on hand (though if you do invest in new pjs I don’t think you’ll regret it!), that are fun, and let you be in your pjs! That sounds like a great Halloween to me!

I would love to know: what are you being for Halloween? Does it involve Pjs?

In case you do want to use Halloween as an excuse to get new pjs (or a vintage coat!) I’ve linked similar items to my costumes below!

Happy Halloween!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!


Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating

It’s supposed to be sweater weather. I’d like it to be sweater weather. But, loves, at least up to the time of writing this post, it’s not sweater weather. There are glimpses, moments when the temps drop, but nothing has stuck so far.
(According to our weather woman we’re getting much cooler temps this week. I’m crossing my fingers she’s right!)

So. What do you do when you aren’t getting what you want? Be patient (not my strong suit)? Believe that if you build it, it will come. (Please don’t give yourself heat stroke dressing in sweaters trying to make it sweater weather!)

Or. Do you cheat?
(I know, cheating is bad, we shouldn’t do it. But. When it comes to looking chic and season appropriate, I’ll try cheating!)

Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating

Cheating the weather? This is technically a sweater. But it’s really a poncho-open in the back, loose, and while it’s warm (and will look chic over all sorts of tops and dresses later), it’s also cool. It’s just enough to keep a chill out, but worn alone, it’s heat-proof. (Or at the very least, heat friendly. Though if you’re in a spot where the highs still feel like summer, you may need to eventually change in the afternoon!)

A high slit wrap skirt also helps keep you cool! I suppose you could call it transitional dressing, but it’s really cheating- dressing for the weather I want, while dealing with the weather I have. Add chic shoes and you’re in business.

You’ve technically dressed for the season, you’re technically in a sweater. You’ve just cheated it all.
This kind of cheating can’t be bad if it looks this good, right?

I’ve linked similar items for your shopping pleasure below!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Cheating
This is a neighbor’s cat who comes over for snuggles and food daily. It’s nice to be wanted. Her mom thinks she’s out hunting. I guess we’re both cheating!

Ex Files: The Haunting

Investment Piece: Ex Files: The Haunting

We’re back!! That’s right it’s Ex Files, dating horror stories, my final attempt to live my life a la Carrie Bradshaw. (And let’s not pretend horror only lives in fiction. Some of my ex files: The Ghosting, Tinder on an Airplane, The One Who Wouldn’t Take No, and of course The One Who Asked for his Money Back. More can be found under “Ex Files” in the search bar). And because it’s almost Halloween, and nothing’s scarier than dating gone wrong, we’re chatting about Haunting!

We all have an ex that won’t die. There’s a reason they call it “I miss you season”; every once in a while, an ex who’s been gone makes their reappearance. Then trick can be deciding if you should give them a second chance or not! Here are just a few of my stories of exes that came back to Haunt me!

What’s up, love?
Mario went on 2 dates over a few weeks. It was clear from the beginning that neither of us were really looking for anything serious. He was lovely–but there was no click. So when things fizzled out, I thought nothing of it. However, like clockwork, every 2 months I get a text. Everything from “what’s up, love?” to “I miss you”. At first, I thought these were a little sweet. But, as this trend has continued, it’s become annoying. We didn’t really have anything. And no matter what he’s coming back for, it’s not here.

The One I Haven’t Met
There’s always that group text you can’t really get out of’ mine involves people from college. And in the group, I don’t know everyone–but everyone is friend’s of someone I do, so I thought nothing of Dave began occasionally texting me outside of the group, it was mainly about our college team, and it was fun. However, over time, it was clear that he thought there was a connection above football. I gently let him know that I was seeing someone, and wasn’t interested. Dave was lovely and we went back to being “group text” friends. Yet, at least once a month I get sent a random meme/thought/suggestion we get together.

U Up?
Raise your hand if you’ve been haunted by an ex. We all have. From the “I miss you” text to the un-orginal “U Up?”, there’s always a feeling when someone is about to reappear. (Apparently the kids now call it “Zombie-ing”) These pop-ups can be pleasant, or down right scary (depending on the ex). I have a friend who has a theory, they all come back. And most of the time, she’s right.

So, I would love to know : who’s an ex that’s haunted you?

Wishing us all a haunting free week and amazing shoes! XO RA


Investment Piece: #Wfh
Investment Piece: #WFH
Investment Piece: #WFH

#WFH (work from home) isn’t new to me. But, even I will tell you that things with the pandemic and lockdown(s) have made the experience incredibly different than what I (and us) were used to. Yes, I worked from home in the before. However, I also went to the gym, took meetings, met people, had events, wrote at coffee shops, and more. For working from home, there were days when I wasn’t home at all.

Then things changed. And then in the change, things changed.

Workouts (and if you read Sunday Chronicles this week you’ll be glad to know that yes, I did finally get the bike together, have taken my first at-home spin class, and yes, cried!) are at home, meetings are at zoom, and outfits are interesting.

I used to joke that for someone who loved fashion and fancy outfits like I do, I was technically able to get away with wearing pjs and sweats 90% of the time. Now, we all can. So, in this new world, what is business wear? What is appropriate?

Basically, what are you wearing while you #WFH?

Investment Piece: #WFH
Investment Piece: #WFH
Investment Piece: #WFH

I’ll admit I have days where I get dressed, like really dressed with jeans and fancy things and make-up. And days when I don’t get dressed at all. Days where I’m lounging in sweats.

But most days are a bit of a mix. Blazers over workout clothes, like above. (These leggings are super high waisted and I love them- wear them low to work out, pull them up so that your work calls are professional. I also love one pieces! Layer them with blouses and sweaters!) Sneakers. Red lips to distract from the fact that I don’t have any other makeup on. It’s #WFH in many ways- the workout and the work and the balance between the two.
(Yes, balance like my outfits, is a bit harder now, but I’m trying to make it work!)

I like to think this is a fashionable way to #WFH, but I will also take that it’s a way to get it all in and look good for it all.

What are you wearing to #WFH? Any tips to share?

I’ve linked you pieces and these exact shoes for your shopping pleasure!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: #WFH