Go. ALL. Day

Investment Piece: Go. ALL. Day

I grew up in a time when almost every single magazine, fashion or not, talked about going “From Day to Night”. Having outfits, make-up, shoes, etc that could either go or day, or be easily switched up, were the cornerstone of any adult life, or so I thought. And really, it’s not a bad idea. Maybe there’s something to an outfit that can be used for any life situation. Often I let you know all the ways that something can be worn, I’m a fan of pieces being multi-functional. Is this any different? Probably not.

Loves, today I have great news for you. In terms of going all day, I think I might have found the answer. There’s a dress that can do it all– I know because I’ve tried. From work (paired with a blazer) to drinks (with heels) to events (I wore this dress to a concert with sneakers) to everything I between (I’ve run countless errands with this dress and flip flops. Maybe you don’t have to do it all in one day, but if you do this dress can do it with you!

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Investment Piece: Go. All. Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day

I’m the first to admit that I haven’t had a traditional office job in years. Office dress codes are not something that I’m up to date on, and I’m also more than willing to admit that my fashion sense doesn’t err on the conservative side. So, thank you to my mom (an accountant) for pointing out that a blazer over this dress would make it office appropriate in any scenario.

Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day

I think almost anything can be worn to drinks, all you need is the right pair of shoes. This dress is so easy to dress up, it’s simple and classy but looks great. The shoes here are just a bonus!

Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day

Concerts. Errands. Movies. With jackets. Flip flops. I’ve yet to find an event or place that this dress doesn’t go.

And now the great news! It’s Target. Yes, target. It’s under $40. It wears well, washes well, and looks great ironed or natural. I’ve gotten compliments each and every where I’ve worn it. I think the only question is:

What are you going to do all day?

You can shop this look here

The Ex Files: The One Who Got Married

Loves, dating horror stories are everywhere; this is my monthly attempt to be just a bit more like Carrie Bradshaw, expel some of my dating demons, and hopefully make you laugh (and feel better about your own dating life). Names and some unimportant facts have been changed to protect people; but the moral of the story is that if you want people to write warmly about you, you should probably behave better. Want more ex files? Try here, here, and here. You can also search Ex Files on the right (and check out my recent Instagrams, sign up for our newsletter, buy some SkinPrint!)

But without further ado, The One Who Got Married:

Investment Piece: The Ex Files, The one who got married

I found this charming story in one of those Facebook threads about horrible Tinder dates, and I had the realization that I, too, have a story about some one getting married. (A. Yes, I’m as horrified about that as you are B. Those “dating horror” story articles always make me happy as it makes me feel less alone C. WHO GETS MARRIED WHILE DATING SOMEONE ELSE?)

When I was in my early 20s, struggling in LA, I happened to meet a charming Irish drummer. I could barely understand anything he said due to his thick accent, but he was cute and sweet, and did I mention he was a drummer? I was in my 20s, it was enough. We didn’t have anything hot and heavy, or remotely serious. We went out for drinks twice, I went to see his band once. That was it, but he was sweet and called me at least a few times a week. On one such phone call, he asked me to go to Vegas with him for the weekend. I was working 3 jobs at the time, and couldn’t make it. He went, he had a good time, he called me the week after, I thought nothing of it.

However, he did begin to pull back after his Vegas trip. We made plans that fell through, he scaled back calling, we both lost a little interest. I didn’t really care; I was working 3 jobs and busy, and while I liked him, I didn’t LIKE him. But when he called me and asked me to come to his show the following weekend, I was in. (He was cute and he was a drummer). The day of the show, he called me to let me know that he had something to tell me. As it turns out, when he was in Vegas he got married, and his wife was going to be at the show. He said it was a “green card marriage”, but that his wife was taking it seriously, so I shouldn’t act like we were seeing each other at the show. I let him know that I wasn’t comfortable dating a married man, and we never spoke again.

This became a funny story, not something that I was upset about, because WHO GETS MARRIED and then thinks it won’t affect his dating life? As he and I never spoke again, I was left with many questions: Did his marriage last? Did she know he was dating? Did he really expect me to be ok with it? What would have happened if I went to Vegas-would he have asked me to marry him? Is he still drumming? We may never know.

The main lesson? Don’t get married while you’re dating someone else. It’s just weird.

Has this ever happened to you? I’d love to know!


Vintage NightGown

Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown

I’ve always been a friend of wearing your pjs out and about. (See here, here, and here for starters.) My new take on this beloved trend. Vintage NightGown.

Emphasis on the gown.

Vintage nightgowns are a special breed. Most were made to be seen, and sold as sets. From silk numbers that scream elegance to cotton ones that beg to be worn out, vintage nightgowns are simply the dresses our grandmas wore to bed. Now we should wear them out!

(Note: a modern nightgown/dress company that I feel like is very similar is Sleeper)

This is a cotton number, pockets, cap sleeve, lace detail. It hints at the nightgown part, but reads as a charming dress. Perfect with heels, but I’m loving it juxtaposed with sneakers, specifically high tops. Cut the sweetness and be comfy.

Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown

Wearing this vintage nightgown, I feel a little mysterious. I got stopped on the street and given so many compliments, it felt like I was keeping a secret. (You know, like I was really in a nightgown and not this dress people thought it was) Perfect for running errands, perfect for nights out, and events. Who knows what I’m hiding in it?

Also, PJ dressing gives me a weird confidence. Like I’m at the grocery store in my pajamas, nothing can phase me confidence. That feeling is highly recommended.

My favorite place to buy vintage nightgowns? Etsy. You can find designer numbers (like Dior! We know I have a thing for Dior) to numbers that look like evening gowns. Wear them however you like, but don’t be afraid to wear them out!

I’ve linked similar items to these pictured below. I can’t wait to hear about your vintage nightgowns!

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Shop the look here!

Fashion Stories: Street Style

We are in the middle of fashion month: NY, London, Milan, Paris. And maybe that’s not something you really care about, maybe it is. Personally? I love looking at what’s to come. What I love more? The street style. With every fashion week, there are scores of pictures of the people who attend, the people walking the streets, the non-models. Their outfits run from classic to out-there, and for me, provide an endless inspiration. I love “getting to know” these people through the stories they tell with their outfits. From what they wear I can imagine who they are, what they do, and where they shop. As someone who can plan outfits out for weeks, I love seeing people get celebrated for that. (I also love stealing ideas from them).

Below are some of my favorite Street Stlye shots from this fashion month. Let me know: what stories do you see here? What do you want to recreate? Are you an outfit planner? If you knew you were going to be photographed walking somewhere, what would you wear?

I’m fascinated by the stories our fashion tells. What about you?

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Investment Piece: Fall-Ing
Investment Piece: Fall-Ing
Investment Piece: Fall-Ing
Investment Piece: Fall-Ing
Investment Piece: Fall-Ing

Happy first day of fall! I know, I know, there’s a great chance that today still feels like summer. But it’s fall. Underneath the heat there’s a layer of new, a fresh start, and cooler weather. I trust that it’s coming. I wanted to dress for it.

Beyond the trends, the textures, and the sweaters, my favorite thing about fall dressing is layering. And while we stand in the space where summer and fall collide, I couldn’t help but layer the two. Yes, I put a bikini over a turtle neck. And I liked it. Just the right amount of edge, a way to get another swimsuit in, and felt right for this moment. I got the idea from an Instagram ad, and when I saw the idea, I knew I had to try it. I love wearing swimsuits as street wear, and anything that has a hint of Juxatipositon. Bikini over a turtleneck? Checks all boxes.

This combo was more comfortable than I thought it would be, this turtleneck is tissue thin, and quite versitaile! After this shoot I changed into both a skirt, and later cut offs. Layered bikini worked with it all.

The leather leggings? They are a must for the coming seasons. Chic, able to go with anything. We might not be at the point where you can wear them all day (though, you could crank your AC!), but that time is coming. And I like to be prepared.

Perfect outfit for today. Perfect for what’s coming. Perfect layering for transitions.

How are you welcoming the new season today? What are you wearing? Would you dare to layer your bikini? I want to hear all about it. And I dare you to try this layering combo!

Below are similar items for your fall layering needs!
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Shop this look here

Sunday Chronicles: Last Day of Summer/Transitions

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

Loves, this is it. It’s the official last day of summer. I know, I know, with Labor Day and school starting, it always feels like the “end of summer” starts early and last forever, but this IS it. I hope that you had the best time and got the pool/beach/sand/friend/lazy/hot times that you wanted and needed. I hope that you’re excited for fall and sweaters/crisp air/cider/friend/leaves/cool times. Is it possible to love both seasons? I do.

In the coming days when we have our last (hopefully!) HOT days and the first hits of cool air, I think there’s a way to appreciate both. And love the transition.

Every time the season changes, I can’t help but think about endings and beginnings and transitions. I think about how there is magic in the transitions, that’s when it all happens. In fashion, resort and transision wear are usually my favorite. I love how that “season” combines the best of what surrounds it, I love the creativity, I love how there is a feeling that you can just make things work. In spin class, we’re often told to embrace the transition. That when you’re in a dark room, in the middle of workout and having to step into silence, adjusting your resistance, etc as you go, that you can only choose to trust yourself and go.

About now you might be thinking that in real life I’m a pro at changes and transitions. I’m not. But I long to be, and I’m working at it.

So, today on this last day of summer, and tomorrow on the first day of fall, I’m looking to embrace the transition. I plan on being ok with days that start in a sweater and end in a swimsuit. To enjoy the last days of heat and get excited about what’s coming. Look back at summer and take away the lessons I need, and make plans for the best fall.

And on this last day of summer, at some point, you might just find me on the water with some rose’ waving goodbye to the season.

Wishing us a week of good transitions and amazing shoes! XO RA


Investment Piece: Ruffles
Investment Piece: Ruffles
Investment Piece: Ruffles
Investment Piece: Ruffles
Investment Piece: Ruffles
Investment Piece: Ruffles

This post is a part of my recent collaboration with Amberleaf. All opinions, and skirts, are my own. However, as women, friends, and some of the best Blazers I’ve ever worn I can’t recommend them enough. You can shop the full Amberleaf collection here.

Normally, I’m not a big ruffle gal. They bring to mind sugary sweet little girls, and when Shirely Temple was dressed WAY too young for her real age for WAY too long. However, Ruffles done right? Ruffles balanced? Ruffles with an edge? Those are Ruffles I can get behind.

This blazer: simple. Chic. I love the zipper. The color. That it would be perfect with both a suit and with jeans. It has just a slight edge, and I love everything with an edge.

This skirt: the heaviest thing I own. (Seriously) It’s from one of H&M’s very first collabs (Eddy Anemian), and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Yes, it’s Ruffles, but it’s not sweet. It looks great with t-shirts, fancy tops, sweaters, and Blazers (clearly). I’ve worn with heels and sneakers and flip flops. It’s feminine, but not a push over.

(Note: though the collab is years old, I’ve found an exact match for someone! I’ve also linked picks from H&M’s current collection. I’ve found so many amazing pieces over the years at H&M and I hope you have the same luck!)

The combo: We know I love a great Juxatipositon. The blazer edges up the skirt, making it workwear that would be perfect at an evening event. I say things like this all the time, but the point I’m really trying to make is that I believe in pieces that go together in unexpected ways. That can let you show up in your life for every facet. Interesting by themselves and super interesting together. For me, both this blazer and this skirt embody that.

And again, I’m a big fan of Amberleaf. Their pieces are expertly made, classic, and well worth your investment.

As mentioned, there are so many picks for you below!

What are your thoughts on Ruffles?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

HM Skirts (Someone lucky can have this EXACT one):

The new HM Conscious Collection:

Investment Piece: Ruffles

Fall Mood. Fall Trends

It’s abou that time, my loves. Fall is going to officially be here next week, and I’m excited to dive into all the fall trends that are on deck for us. But more than trends, I’m thinking about my fall moods. A bit about how I approach fall moods, and what trends I’m looking forward to:

Investment Piece: Fall Mood. Fall trends

In short? I’m excited about fall. The trends, the feeling, the change. As I mentioned in my video, while I’m thinking about trends (my favorites are suiting, leather, and the classic/bougie pieces), I’m planning on moods. I love the ideas of mixing bright colors with classic pieces. Being slightly rock and roll one day, and very preppy the next. I tend to collect images-some part Wishlist, some outfit inspiration, some just a mood I’d like to play with. The trends for this fall are fun to play with, and full of investment pieces. Above are some moods I’m thinking about for fall, from pieces I want to have to airs I want to give off. I’ll be adding to this list, and of course buying, and seeing where the season takes us.

What fall trends are you excited about? What mood are you going for?

Below I’ve linked some fall trend pieces that I love- mainly suiting and leather! Of course, what I buy for fall will be updated too! Shop my picks and let me know what your fall fashion thoughts are!


Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I might earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Yes, a trend, but also a classic. Don’t hesitate to invest here!

A fall staple, but these new talked on the pattern are too amazing to ignore!

I’m dreaming of one of these leather dresses!

Classy and Sassy

Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy

There is something about a classic dress. One to wear to work, after work, and any where else you need to go. A simple fit. Maybe some pockets (this one has you covered). With a simple, but great shoe, what more do you need?


Maybe some sass?
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy
Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy

Personally, I’ve never been one to shy away from sassy. Or the dramatic. Even without trying, my sass can come flying right out of my mouth! So, it only seems fair to wear things a little on the sassy side and let people know what they’re in for.

See. Sassy.

(If something like this isn’t quite as sassy as you feel comfortable with, this neckline also looks amazing layered over another top, turtleneck, etc).

I think this balances the perfect edge of business and fun. Classy and sassy. The long sleeves, the cut, the neckline. It says everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Investment Piece: Classy and Sassy

I would love to know:
How sassy do you dare?
Or do you steer more classy?

This dress is over a season old, but I’ve linked similar ones below!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Sunday Chronicles: Ready for Football


Fall is coming and I love it for many reasons–the cooler weather, the holidays, and football. You may have caught on that I’m a big football fan, I was raised on it and come from a long line of men and women who love football and have made watching it an almost religious experience. However, there are times when being a female football fan isn’t easy.

Even if you’re not a football fan you can’t help but notice that both the NFL and the College system have issues with domestic abuse, rape, and the handling of the men who commit these crimes. Being a female who believes that there is no excuse for this behavior and someone who is a huge fan of the sport it often leaves me in a difficult position. I don’t have answers. I’m a Cowboys fan and I hate that we signed Greg Hardy. Jerry Jones wouldn’t take my calls about that issue. Recently in my college team’s conference a young man with a known history of violence transferred to a school where he subsequently raped a young woman–I believe the coach and school should be held accountable. But I love the sport. As much I want the men who commit crimes off the field–I love watching the game. It is a hard line to balance that I sometimes struggle with–and again I don’t know that I handle well. My thoughts below are not meant to diminish the seriousness of the issues with women in the NFL or a sign that I ignore them. I simply don’t have the words. Here and here are articles about the situation if you care to read. I’m also well aware of some of the race/kneeling issues in the sport. I don’t know that it’s my place to speak (and there are so many people who can speak on those issues better than I can), but I think people using their platform is amazing. And we should all be on the side of equality.
Now to things I can speak to.
More than once I’ve said I love juxatipositons. And I do. I’m an artist, fashionista, and a football fan. My turn-ons involve both opera and action movies. I think that we’re all complicated and no interest makes you dumb. Not only does this mantra apply to fashion but to football. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is as a woman to tell people you love football and have people assume that you’re saying that to be attractive to a guy (not true). Or that you really don’t know what you’re talking about–ask me my opinion on the 4-3 defense. Or that you use football as social time–ask me questions or try to have a deep conversation during a game and see how well that works for you. Or that most of the gear for women involves sequins and pink–yes, NFL I’m looking at you, and yes it’s getting better, but I’m a fan, not a Barbie. So yes, I am passionate about it. But that doesn’t mean I will shove it down your throats (I swear, even though I’m so excited for this season!)

I can tell you that if you want football rantings following me on twitter @adeliciamorris is a place to get them. And that every Friday my college team (TCU) has “Go Purple Friday” and every Friday on my instagram I will be sharing my purple. Most of the time it looks like this:
as I sometimes interpret the day as “wear amazing purple shoes day”!
I do hope that if you celebrate the season or not that the following weeks go your way (unless you’re rooting against my teams) and again I promise not to make this page football central.

Hope this week brings amazing beginnings and even better shoes! XO RA