mixing and matching and trending

Investment Piece: mixing and matching and trending
Investment piece: mixing and matching and trending

The thing I always wonder about the term “mix and match”, isn’t everything mixing and matching? Not that there aren’t sets. Not that you can’t wear those sets together, but for the most part, in most of your life, aren’t we simply putting things together and hoping it works? Like meal planning- if you’re very traditional, you’re picking a protein, a carb, a veggie, and you’re hoping they go together. Isn’t that mixing and matching? And that’s just food, we do it with our schedules, our workouts, our playlists?

Shouldn’t our closets be the easiest thing to mix and match?

Take vintage skirts and vintage logo tops? Not a set, but they work as one. (This one was easy, the leathers blend!)
So, when the mixing and matching is easy, what do you do? Add a trend!

Investment Piece: Mixing and Matching and trending
Investment Piece: mixing and matching and trending
Investment Piece: mixing and matching and trending

Is there anything more on trend this season than snakeskin boots? And if leopard can be a neutral, why can’t snakeskin?

At least, that’s the theory I’m working with.
Ironically enough, I got these boots last fall, but I still get stopped and asked about them–snakeskin is the new neutral, you heard it here first! I love how it goes with so much (a made up leather set) and feel like standouts.

I had a lot of fun with this look-I usually shy away from minis but this one was just long enough to make even mom comfortable. Logo mania? Pro-tip: buy vintage. This top feels fresh (do logos ever go out of style?) but it’s vintage. Together, this felt modern and fun, and a bit of a stand out.

Now if I could only find a way to mix and match sitting in traffic so I missed all the stop and go!

Investment Piece: mixing and matching and trending

I’ve linked similar items below for your shopping pleasure. I’d love to know: what’s your take on mixing and matching?

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Ex Files: The Haunting

Investment Piece: Ex Files: The Haunting

We’re back!! That’s right it’s Ex Files, dating horror stories, my final attempt to live my life a la Carrie Bradshaw. (And let’s not pretend horror only lives in fiction. Some of my ex files: The Ghosting, Tinder on an Airplane, The One Who Wouldn’t Take No, and of course The One Who Asked for his Money Back. More can be found under “Ex Files” in the search bar). And because it’s almost Halloween, and nothing’s scarier than dating gone wrong, we’re chatting about Haunting!

We all have an ex that won’t die. There’s a reason they call it “I miss you season”; every once in a while, an ex who’s been gone makes their reappearance. Then trick can be deciding if you should give them a second chance or not! Here are just a few of my stories of exes that came back to Haunt me!

What’s up, love?
Mario went on 2 dates over a few weeks. It was clear from the beginning that neither of us were really looking for anything serious. He was lovely–but there was no click. So when things fizzled out, I thought nothing of it. However, like clockwork, every 2 months I get a text. Everything from “what’s up, love?” to “I miss you”. At first, I thought these were a little sweet. But, as this trend has continued, it’s become annoying. We didn’t really have anything. And no matter what he’s coming back for, it’s not here.

The One I Haven’t Met
There’s always that group text you can’t really get out of’ mine involves people from college. And in the group, I don’t know everyone–but everyone is friend’s of someone I do, so I thought nothing of Dave began occasionally texting me outside of the group, it was mainly about our college team, and it was fun. However, over time, it was clear that he thought there was a connection above football. I gently let him know that I was seeing someone, and wasn’t interested. Dave was lovely and we went back to being “group text” friends. Yet, at least once a month I get sent a random meme/thought/suggestion we get together.

U Up?
Raise your hand if you’ve been haunted by an ex. We all have. From the “I miss you” text to the un-orginal “U Up?”, there’s always a feeling when someone is about to reappear. (Apparently the kids now call it “Zombie-ing”) These pop-ups can be pleasant, or down right scary (depending on the ex). I have a friend who has a theory, they all come back. And most of the time, she’s right.

So, I would love to know : who’s an ex that’s haunted you?

Wishing us all a haunting free week and amazing shoes! XO RA


Investment Piece: Layered
Investment Piece: Layered
Investment Piece: Layered
Investment Piece: Layered
Investment Piece: Layered

This ain’t your Momma’s layering. This is layered. Taking formulas and elevating them. Going to extremes with basics. Mixing textures, patterns, and maybe the same time of clothes. Like a jacket over a jacket.
I know. It may sound crazy for me to tell you that a blazer works over a jean jacket. A jacket over a jacket? I know. But.
Hear me out- it works.
Most of all? It’s fun.

This is a little bit uniform dressing, after all we’re just pairing a jacket, jeans, and boots. And it’s a little bit statement. I love the play of the double denim (pro-tip, try to blend the Jean rinses, but don’t get too caught up in making sure they match exactly. Unless you bought them as a set you’ll just drive yourself crazy) and a statement blazer (this one has the jeweled collar, but you could always get the same effect with necklaces). The boots are a little bit western (there’s so much to say on that at a later date). The great thing? You could personalize this outfit as much as you like: use your favorite blazer, boots, use a top and not a jacket, be as bold or as classic as you like. No matter what, it’s the perfect solution for fall. Layered.

How do you do it?

I love all things tweed and Jean and have linked similar items to the ones above for your shopping pleasure. I’d love to see how you style them!

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Investment Piece: Layered

Trend to Try: Kitten Heel Boots

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Kitten Heel Boots

A trend that I’m loving for fall? Kitten heel boots. Not flat, not heeled. Perfectly in the middle.
And perfect with jeans, skirts, dresses, and all of our fall fashions. The kitten heel is just so chic, and on a boot a little bit of a juxtaposition, and we all know how much I love those!

I may or may not have ordered a pair of kitten heel boots this weekend, and I can’t wait to style them. Below, I’ve linked boots that I love. Are you trying out kitten heel boots this fall? Tell me all about it!


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Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Kitten Heel Boots

Fall Uniform

Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform

I get the appeal of uniform dressing. How comforting it must be to put on things that you know work together, fit well, and make an impression on busy mornings, or on those days when nothing seems to be working. My schedule allows for both uniform dressing days, and days when I can experiment, and I’m grateful for both. However, I like to think that the duality of my dressing allows me to see the good and bad of each.

And there are some really, really AMAZING things about uniform dressing. But. The thing is, your uniform is only as good as it’s weakest link. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) So, if we want to uniform dress, we have to have stunning pieces to uniform with.
For fall uniforms these are the items I love to have:
-A Great Coat
-Perfect Jeans
-Statement Flats
-Sweaters with attitude
-Non- basic layering pieces

These pieces can be mixed and matched. Can anchor an outfit on their own. And together, they make an uniform anything but boring. I like to think this fall uniform is the best of all of these : camel coat (classic), jeans, sweater with an attitude (my pronouns are Her Majesty), and statement flats (spikes make statements). This outfit makes me feel confident and comfortable all at the same time, and that’s my kind of uniform.

Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform

Other fall uniforms I love?
Great jeans, sweatshirt, and boots
Plaid skirts, silk shirts, and boots
Any take on a suit
All the jackets. All of them.

Of course, the fact that the weather is finally feeling like fall helps, no one likes to wear sweaters and jackets when it’s hot. And while the idea of “uniform” can mean the same, I love finding uniforms that feel like standouts. What’s your idea of a fall uniform? Is uniform dressing something you do often? I’m so curious about how we get dressed, and what we wear, tell me all about it!

I’ve linked similar items to this outfit for your shopping pleasure below!
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Investment Piece: Fall Uniform

Sunday Chronicles: Chicken Enchiladas


It’s football season and fall, the weather has finally turned, and I’m cooking. Being in the kitchen is one of those things that I didn’t start enjoying until my 30s-not that I didn’t feed myself before that, but with diet restrictions, and just the need to connect with myself/my family/food, I began to really enjoy cooking. I’ve been known to experiment with family recipes, recipes I need to make more diet friendly, and anything that sounds amazing. Also, there’s no better time than a Sunday to spend some time whipping up a meal, then eating it while vegging in front of the TV.

Today’s adventure? Making these enchiladas I did a few years ago.

I feel hesitant to call this a recipe – it was so easy and made on the fly. But Internet friends : it’s worth it. I’d love to know: what are you cooking?

Chicken Mushroom Enchiladas:

full disclosure- the mushrooms were added as they were on sale in one of those prepackaged deals (mushroom, onion, garlic, parsley). Feel free to use something else!

1package chicken breast tenders

1 package Mushrooms and onion (approximately 1.5 cup mushrooms sliced, 1 red onion, 3 tbs chopped garlic, chopped parsley)

1 package almond flour tortillas ( or if you don’t do Paleo, whatever you prefer)

1 .5 cups Califlower

5-8 Roasted Hatch chiles

1 cup Crumbled Goat Cheese


Heat oven to 400. On two separate cookie trays roast the chicken and then the mushroom mixture – both with Extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. (Ps I LOVE the smoked pepper from Williams Sonoma). Depending on your oven, slice size this can take anywhere from 35-55 minutes

Meanwhile: make the sauce. Steam the cauliflower (I use the microwave but however you like) then add that to a blender. I use kitchen shears to roughly chop the  chiles ( you can buy them roasted or if needed roast them off yourself- either the same method or use a gas burner on high, turn the chile over till blackened).  I started by using 4 chiles but added more. Blend together, adding salt and pepper to taste. If needed add 1/4 c water to the blender to make it smoother- and of course add as many chiles as you like!

When end the chicken and mushrooms are done put both into a mixer, add 1/2 of the goat cheese and let the mixer blend everything together for you (if needed this can be done by hand)

Grabbing a sheet cake pan and the tortillas you’re ready to fill! My tortillas were small so I made about 10- this of course will vary. Fill each tortilla with a couple of spoonfuls of filling (optional- a small amount of sauce), roll to close and set in pan.  When all tortillas are completed and in the pan pour desired amount of sauce on top. Put rest of cheese on top.  Heat in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes till warm through and cheese is melty.  Enjoy!


Wishing us all a week of good eats and amazing shoes! XO RA


On the Fringe

Investment Piece: Fringed
Investment Piece: Fringed
Investment Piece: Fringed

What do we really say about it? Fringe isn’t a trend per se, though there are seasons that offer us a bit more fringe than others. It’s not quite a classic, there are not numerous articles why you must own fringe, and often stylists will call fringe a “statement” not a “must”. So, what do we do with it? Avoid it? Put it in a box, and only wear it for certain things or costumes? Or, do we live on the fringe?

From boots to pants to jackets, I’m a fan of anything with a little personality, and fringe is personality. It shakes and shimmyies with you, and adds a bit of fun to anything you have going on. I think pops of fringe can be the wake up any outfit needs, and there’s fringe that can be chic and timeless. Fringe can be big or small, long or short, a lot or a little. Maybe the thing that scares us about fringe is that it can be anything we need it to be. That’s also the thing that makes fringe amazing.

I’m living on the fringe. What about you?

Investment Piece: On the Fringe
Investment Piece: On the Fringe
Investment Piece: On the Fringe

What I love about fringed pieces like this one is that they are so fun and full of life, but so chic. This jacket is by no means the only fringe I love, in my closet are fringed boots and fringed skirts, and I may or may not be looking for suede fringe pants. I like to think that the fringe lets the fun parts of my personality shine, and fits right in with the more classic pieces in my closet.

Also, fringe is just really fun to twirl in. Maybe not the strongest argument for living on the fringe, but one you’ll enjoy.

So, are you in? Ready to fringe with me?
I’ve linked similar pieces below, including these wide leg pants (that’s a whole other post, but believe me, you need wide legged pants!)

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Fashion Story: Costumes.

Loves, we know that I have this thing about all the fashion that we keep in our closets. I think it’s a part of how we tell our stories. (Fashion Story, get it?) Sometimes we hang onto the things that we wear all the time, and that’s a story. But sometimes, we hang on to things that we don’t always wear. Maybe it’s something that represents something we hope for, or aspire to be. Sometimes, maybe it’s a thing we are dealing with, and learning to let go.

Today, let’s chat costumes. Yes, Halloween. But also things like dance costumes. Yes, I was a dancer growing up, and there are a ton of recital costumes that I just can’t seem to get rid of! Let’s chat about it!

I’d love to know: what are the things you can’t get rid of? Are you holding onto any costumes? I want to hear about everything!!



Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder

There are things that make you wonder, things that inspire Wonder, and things that are wonderful.
Some Monday Thoughts:
*I’m such a fan of Wonder Woman, and I love wearing this shirt. The camaraderie from women who love Wonder Woman is a thing I can’t help but love. Does this shirt give me super powers? I’m not sure, but I like to think so, and it is something I wonder about.

*Layering isn’t just for sweaters and turtlenecks. This is a cocktail dress that looks stunning on it’s own, though a tad bit more low-cut. For weeks I’ve been thinking about how to make this looks a little more casual, and finally decided it was about layering. I didn’t want to take away from the “wow” factor, I wanted the layer to be as wonderful as the dress. My solution? A fun graphic tee, in this case, Wonder Woman. Both standouts on their own, and together it’s fun. Makes me wonder, what else can I put together? What pairs are inspiring?

*I’m a heels woman. Heels can be worn anywhere and with anything, or so my theory goes. Yet, lately, I’ve been having fun exploring flats. This look would still be perfect for a cocktail party, and that’s new for me. Where are areas that we can explore in fashion? What looks and items have I been avoiding that might actually be perfect for me? I’m wondering about them.

*I can’t get enough of this headband. The elementary school kid in me is ecstatic. This is just one of those things that’s wonderful.

What sorts of things are you wondering about today? And what are you wearing to wonder in?

I’ve linked similar items to this look below for your shopping pleasure, I hope it’s inspired wonder!
Xxo RA

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Sunday Chronicles: Cleaning Our Closets

Yet another season has started, and I completed another closet clean out. Every single one feels like the first. There are things I can part with, things I can’t, and things I’m slowly moving towards letting go of–a lot like the rest of my life. Each time I clean out, I think back to things like this. So, I’m re-sharing for all of us who may need it!

I clean out my closet. A lot. I feel like we talk about it. A lot.

And I’m not sure what that says about me. I’m fascinated by what we have in our closets. Closets are such a personal thing. The stories that they hold, the things that we keep–part of why I started my series about fashion stories (see here, here, and here). It’s no secret that my closet is vast, I collect vintage (and other things), view fashion as art, and am a firm believer that we should hang on to the things that bring us joy (even if they aren’t every-day wear).

However, every time I clean out my closet I have this fantasy of going minimalist. I’m convinced I’m going to get rid of SO MUCH. There are clean out theories I subscribe to, that I’ve given you, and I agree that things not being used don’t really have a place in our homes.

Then, I go through my clothes. My babies. And there are things I just can’t part with.

I came across this on Instagram recently:

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles
Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

(I would love to get credit for this. It clearly isn’t me. Yet–I loved it scrolling in the wee hours when I hadn’t quite woken up yet, but was somehow online. Yes. All of that. I haven’t been able to locate it in my likes or my feed–if you know this genius, please let me know and I will credit them!)

I love this take on the practice of cleaning our closets. There are some things that I WHOLE heartedly agree with: don’t settle for OK, hold out for the best, get rid of things that don’t showcase your best self, etc.

But. There are things that I’m not fully committed to. I think holding onto anything that brings you joy is valid. I think we do have items that are not wholly our every day lives in our closets, but I think that lets us explore things.

This little message really stuck with me. So I made us a video about it:

(Also, YouTube and I may be in a fight for that image being the saved one)

I’d love to know your thoughts on all this. If we want to clean out our closets, why can’t we get rid of stuff?

Wishing us all a week of only the best and amazing shoes! Xo RA