Icon With a Twist

Investment Piece: Icon With a Twist
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
Things I like: martinis, fashion investment pieces, and outfits that make me feel like royalty. I also like surprises, and getting new perspectives on things I thought I knew.
What do all these things have in common?
This classic DVF wrap dress (yes, it’s an investment piece, and yes, you need one), and this shoot (yes, I felt like royalty, and with all my outfits, got a new perspective on how to style this dress).
Icon. With a twist.
(No martinis were consumed on this shoot. I can’t promise about after).

Investment Piece
You first saw this dress here, back when this blog was still a baby.
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
I’ve worn the dress time and time again, with everything from sneakers to heels. I’ve put sweaters and blazers over it, I’ve always felt like there were ways to make this dress feel new.
But. I had never worn it over a dress. Till now.

Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist

Wearing an open kimono over pants and skirts? Yes. Mini dress over jeans? A thousand times. A maxi wrap dress over another dress? IT HAD NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND.

But it worked. And I love it.
Yes, this may be a little more on the formal side (though with flat sandals, a combo like this could be perfect for your Labor Day BBQs), but it’s simple yet elegant, wildly unexpected, and allows you to mix and match like never before.

Also. It’s fun to twirl in.

Some tips:
– I love pattern mixing, but if you’re going that route, I would suggest that you pick tonal colors. Or, like here, pick a pattern to match with a classic.
-I love the mix of lengths. Would this look good with dresses that are the same length? We won’t know if we don’t try? But ??
-I tied the wrap dress underneath itself, so the ties didn’t show and it flared out. The underlying dress gets to show more that way.

The underlying dress here is Amberleaf. You can read about my love affair with them here. This shoot was part of my summer collab with them, and yes I think you need this dress; but, more than that, putting my dress over theirs made me realize that we may need to look at our closets in new lights. There’s more to combine, more to layer, more to dare than we might be thinking of now.

What icon can you put a twist on?

I’ve found you several DVF dresses below! Some new, some used, all sizes. I truly think a DVF dress, of any kind is an investment worth making!

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Sunday Chronicles: The Rest of Summer

Has anyone else felt like July was kind of a bust? Not in a total way. There were great days and amazing things in July. However. I’m so grateful for a new start in August.

I got sick way more than expected in July. My schedule got much weirder than expected. There were things that I didn’t get to do, and things that I did. It was both overwhelming and perfect. So. What do we do with the rest of summer?
I revisited my summer bucket list, and I have some ideas.

-I want to get in the water as much as possible
-Travel. Both planning ahead and right now.
-Work. I have ideas and plans and want to start things that will carry over into the fall
-And yet, relax. This summer I keep thinking of the summer days of my childhood where all I did was swim, read, make art, and eat watermelon. Those days recharged me in ways that I can’t explain. I may need a few.

In more than one way, during the next few weeks we will all be looking ahead. To sweaters and fall. The school season and to-do lists. To the end of the year and all we want to do. My question and quest is: how do we enjoy where we are and set ourselves up for a great fall? Is it possible to get the last bit out of summer without feeling guilty about it? What do we really need to do? How do we really recharge?

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m thinking I might find them if I use the rest of the summer. There has to be a balance of working ahead and relaxing now. Or,let me say I’m determined to find one.

Wishing us all a week of summer and amazing shoes! Xo RA


Investment Piece: #doingthings
InvestmentPiece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthigns

If you would have told me that an exercise dress would become my summer uniform back in June, I don’t know that I would have believed you. Not that I don’t like exercise. Or dresses. But the combo? Let’s say I was hesitant. Good thing that doubtful me was not in charge-this Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress has become my ultimate summer go-to. With shorts to let you move, and a chic mini dress to show you off, it might be the best of all worlds.

Things I’ve done in my exercise dress:
– Work Out (in fairness, not a hard workout, though I think layered with a sports bra it would be great in those as well!). I’ve walked and hiked and am dying to learn how to play tennis in it!
-Run errands
-Gone out. Yes, my current favorite thing is to put a scarf in my hair and pair this dress with “fancy” shoes. It’s gone from happy hours to book clubs. And I get compliments every time!
-Got in the water. And still looked chic

The thing about this exercise dress? It makes me feel put together. And it lets me do things. It’s the perfect combo.

Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Now, loves, the question is: what kind of things are you going to do in your exercise dress? If you don’t exercise I won’t tell. Or if you exercise and never take it out, I won’t tell that either. I just know that, despite my doubts, this dress has become one of my favorite pieces, and I think it could be the same for you. Wanna go do things?

I’ve linked this dress and items similar to what I paired with my exercise dress above.
Happy doing!

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Fashion Stories: Raiding Mom’s Closet

This post was originially just an outfit post. But even then, I knew that this vintage piece, from my mom’s closet was a story. And what’s that I’m always saying? Fashion is just a way to tell our stories. My mom wore this in her 20s. It was in my sister’s and my “dress up box” growing up. My sister and I have both worn it-to parties, as business wear, even as a costume. To me it tells the story of my mom’s hope and dreams, and how my sister and I carry that on. I am so fascinated by what we keep in our closets. And in this case, what we keep, use, and keep going back to. What’s in your closet?

Investment Piece: Raiding Momo's Closet
Investment Piece: Raiding Mom's Closet
Investment Piece: Raiding Mom's Closet
Investment Piece: Raiding Mom's Closet
Investment Piece: Raiding Mom's Closet
Investment Piece: Raiding Mom's Closet

As someone who loves vintage clothes, there’s a special place I love to go for vintage: Mom’s Closet. I don’t always get the chance to raid mom’s closet, but when I do, I think it’s magical. This dress/jacket set is from my mom’s wedding, it was her going away outfit. I love that she saved it, that she lets my sister and I wear it, and that it’s a vintage piece that lends itself to modern style. Everything about this vintage dress is great–the button detail, the drop waist (though I couldn’t resist belting it with this stunner), and the flair.

Here’s part of what I think is magical about fashion: it can transform itself and you. While this dress holds special meaning for my family, it’s easy to make this a “new” look”. The belt is a way to dress it up, and socks with shoes are one of my fave things ever. ( See here, here, and here for some examples). The look feels fresh, yet it’s an homage to my past. Raiding my Mom’s closet is one of my favorite things. I’d love to know: who’s closet do you love to raid? And how do you do your vintage?

The dress/jacket are from my mom’s closet
The socks are Gucci, the shoes Brian Atwood
The belt is vintage from RecessLa. Pics are by the amazing Megan Weaver!
I’ve picked some similar picks for you below!

Mad Men Audition

Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion

As an actress, and a fashion lover, there was no show I loved like “Mad Men”. From iconic scenes like Peggy leaving the company smoking to Betty shooting birds, to everything Don Draper did–I LOVED it. I still love it. “Mad Men” was gorgeous and dramatic, everything I wanted to be and nothing I wanted.

There are many, many essays on “Mad Men” and its fashion, so I won’t bore you with my own yearnings for a waredrobe like that. But I can recommend this article on the evolution of Mad Men’s style, The Secret Behind All Your Favorite Mad Men Looks, and How Mad Men Changed Fashion” as jumping off points for your “Mad Men” fashion research.

This look? Let’s take it as my audition to be in “Mad Men”. (I can dream, even if the show is off the air, right?)

The combo made me want to vacuum with a martini, have the pool boy scrub while I watched, and drink coffee for lunch. In short, it had the feel of everything great about “Mad Men” costumes.

Investment Piece: Mad Men Audition
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
My “Mad Men” audition? Part of my summer collab with Amberleaf, the mother/daughter chic company that I just can’t get enough of! Yes, this white blazer (worn as a top here–so sexy and chic, and one of my favorite styling tricks) is Amberleaf. Would it look great with jeans or pants? Yes. Over a shift dress? Yes. With a pencil skirt in a power meeting? Yes. Blazers can be anything you need them to be (even my “Mad Men” fantasy), and you won’t find better options than Amberleaf. You can shop them here. Tell them RachelAdelicia sent you!

The rest of my look? A full skirt and my favorite mules. Shop options with a screenshot via LiketoKnowit here.

I’ve also linked options below.

What are you story (audition) are you telling today?

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Ex Files: The One who was VERY IMPORTANT

Investment Piece: The Ex-files

In my attempt to not only be Carrie Bradshaw, but entertain us all with the horror stories that can make up single life it’s Ex Files! Every month you get a look at some (real) bad dates that I have endured, and lived to tell the tale. Names and some facts have been changed to protect people, but I own the stories!

Need more horror in your life? Check out: The One Who Wanted His Money Back, The One Who Got Married, The One Who Wouldn’t Take No, The One Who Commented on my Weight. And if you aren’t scared stiff, the search tab has even more stories for your dating horror pleasure.

But this month I give you: The One who was VERY IMPORTANT

Some dates end up being horror stories because of the behavior after the date. Some dates are horror stories because of the behavior on the date. This story that combines both types of horrors. And while I maybe should have seen it coming, I was fooled into thinking it could be a great date. The issue? The way to my heart is my shoes. That can’t be a surprise. So when I met George at the supermarket and he complimented my shoes, I couldn’t see anything else. (And they were amazing shoes.)

After flirting and waiting for our juices together in line, I had learned that George was a doctor and a lover of the outdoors. We made plans to get brunch and go paddle boarding on Saturday. I was excited, I was slightly new to town, a fan of paddle boarding, and a man who sees my shoes always seems like a great idea.

Maybe I should wait to see if men can see more than my shoes?

The Saturday George and I were set to meet I prepared-my hair was cute, I was excited. He was over an hour late.
Mind you, he did call and let me know he was having car problems. At first, he thought he would only be 10 mins late. Then it was 30. Then he let me know that I should go ahead and eat without him, that we would meet up for paddle boarding. So I did.
George finally arrived, not prepared, and nonplussed that he was so very late. We headed over to his apartment (across the street) so he could change into his board shorts and we could get to the water.
While I understand car issues, and everyone is late now again, my biggest disappointment was that the charming man I’d met at the grocery store didn’t show up. This George was annoyed at every little thing, from my hair to the traffic, but as we chatted about the plan for the afternoon I discovered that George was most annoyed with my not making him the sole focus of my day.

When I had made plans with George, I thought I was clear that I was free all Saturday till about 3:30 or 4, as I was having dinner with my Grandma. George has orginally thought that was sweet. However, after being so late, George no longer thought the fact that I couldn’t devote my entire day to him was sweet. He was upset that he “wouldn’t have as much time on the water as he wanted”. And he was most upset as “he had a friend going out on a boat, there were going to be hot girls there, and he wanted us to join, but we wouldn’t be done in time”.

Yes, he legit complained that he was going to miss out on hot girls on a boat. And I let George know that if he really wanted to go on the boat that he should, there would be no hard feelings from me. He didn’t leave, but was very upset that he was missing out. I should have left then, but I didn’t.

We went paddle boarding and it wasn’t bad. I did get yelled at for not “being as good” as George was. And George did let me know more than once that he was upset that my bikini wasn’t skimpy, and that I had a time limit. But the date wasn’t the worst ever. I had no intention of a second date, but still.

George and I finished paddle boarding and I made it to dinner with Grandma on time. A few days after, I received a text from George inquiring about a second date. But, he had a caveat.

As it turns out, George let me know that he is VERY IMPORTANT and when he makes plans with someone, he expects them to respect his time and be free for the whole day. He let me know that if I couldn’t commit to that, we shouldn’t go out again.

We didn’t go out again.

Also, if you’re so important that you need people to clear their schedules for you, maybe that’s something you should pay for?

Wishing us all a week of being important and amazing shoes! And great dates!

More Sales

One of my most favorite sayings is :”Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans”. Not because I don’t think we should have plans, but because so very often our plans don’t always go exactly the way that we thought that they would. (I’m a big believer that if the world would just let me hand out scripts and we could all learn our lines that things could run oh-so-smoothly)

I had plans this week. And it’s laughable how few went through the way I thought that they would. Not that it was a bad week-but a relapse of a bad sinus infection has had me a tad bit laid up, pushing back a lot. Good news? Plan B. The Nordstrom Sale is still going strong, and every day I find more things that I need!

So, since I’m on the couch with swollen eyes and not able to shoot, let’s shop!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

From what one editor told me was a “miracle lotion” to Vitamin C for brightness, these are my beauty must haves:

I wear sunglasses ALOT. And it’s just been in the past few years that I’ve been very picky about what I bought. I love these sunnies, and with the sale, they’re musts!

We know I’m a fan of all types of dresses. These are my current favorites in the Nordstrom Sale

I sincerely believe that a great pair of jeans are like a good suit. You need some. These are some of the jeans that I love at the Nordstrom Sale.

What have you bought and loved from the Nordstrom sale? Picks, pictures, prices, I wanna know it all!

Here’s to overcoming allergies and shopping!

Fashion in the Wild: the SwimSuit

Loves, I have some shocking news for you. It’s summer. And I’m in a swimsuit. In fact, I’m wearing a swimsuit with EVERYTHING. Pants. Skirts. Shorts. Capes. Alone. With anything I can get my hands on. I have a thing for swimsuit fashion. So much so that I made a little video about it:

Need more swimsuit inspiration?

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that will not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Try here,
And here.

What are you wearing with your swimsuit?


I’ve linked some of my current favorites:

#OOTD RoundUp

Loves. It’s hot. So hot. Like I wore a swimsuit yesterday and I still sweated through it hot. What do we wear in this? (Really, I want to know) Below I’ve rounded up outfits that I’ve loved wearing recently. (And of course all my #OOTDs are on LiketoKnowit Or Shopstyle) I’d love to know: what are you wearing to survive the heat?

Note: This Post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: OOTD RoundUp
A Throw back, but I’ve worn this dress more than once as it creates a breeze. I found someone this exact one. Shop it and similar ones here

Investment Piece: OOTD Round Up
I get asked about this bag every time I carry it. And it’s now on sale for you. Shop it here

Investment Piece: OOTD RoundUp
There are days when the only thing I can do is throw on a chic top with my workout leggings. But it works? Shop it

Investment Piece: OOTD Round Up
Date night called for all white chic. Get yours here

Investment Piece: OOTD Round Up
Me? Dramatic? Not at all. Get similar dresses to this vintage stunner here

Investment Piece: OOTD RoundUp
I’m LIVING in this Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress. Match me here

Investment Piece: OOTD Round Up
I also can’t stop wearing this padded headband (it’s a cure all for all the hair days) And it’s under $15!
Get one here

Investment Piece: OOTD RoundUP
Why should the heat be the only thing in red? I love this style, get it here

Investment Piece: OOTD ROundUp
This is one of my most fave dresses, it also works in the fall, but keeps me cool now. Get yours here

For real, loves, what are you wearing?

Sunday Chronicles: Back to Normal

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

But, what is normal?

I moved to LA when I was 22, convinced that I was on my way to stardom. In LA, they have a few seasons that the rest of the country doesn’t have, like Pilot Season. Pilot season runs late Dec-April, and is when all the new shows are pitched, bought, shot, and picked up by Networks. In other words, as an actress it’s a busy time of year, and a chance to get a JOB. Yet, the year I moved out to LA, people started bemoaning that “this year pilot season isn’t normal”. Between cabLe, online, then the upcoming of Netflix, etc, Pilot Season went from this BIG set thing, to a process that can be anytime, depending on network, etc.

In other words, there is no normal.

Last week, our schedule shifted a bit because of sales. And I hope that you found what you were looking for, what did you buy? Anything?

This week, we’re back to “normal”. Or normal for us. Outfits Monday and Friday. Showcases, brands, trends, etc on Wednesdays. Sunday Chronicles on Sunday’s. Of course, I’ll still be sharing sales picks here on and on socials. And if things come up, we’ll roll with the punches. But, for now, normal.

So, what do we do with the rest of our summer? I’m hoping for days that are filled with nothing and everything. Fancy dresses and flip flop. New clothes and comfortable cut offs. Rose and green juice.
Who said normal didn’t mean we couldn’t have it all?

Wishing us all a week of normal and amazing shoes!