Running Late

Investment Piece: Running Late
Investment Piece: running late

Is anyone else having a weird relationship with time right now? I’m at home more than ever, I have both everything and nothing to do, all the time. In the before, I answered emails and messages promptly, even when it was lax, I kept a schedule.


It varies day to day. Sometimes I’m on top of it, maintain at least a semblance of routine, and I can get things done. Most importantly, I can be on time. However, sometimes I forget to answer messages for days at a time, get lost doing nothing, and run late.

Like very late. (Which is hard when there is no set schedule)

I’ve tried a lot to get me “in line” and “on time” and “on routine”, but for the most part, I’m trying to be graceful and kind to myself right now. There’s a lot and one late email won’t topple the world. (Right? Tell me I’m right. Also, if you have tips how to do any of this while in quarantine, I’m all ears)

Which brings me to wearing white. And white pants. Quintessential summer. Chic and fresh. And if you’re one of those people that are adamant that this is a style that we put away after Labor Day, an outfit staple whose time limit is drawing near (I wrote about wearing white after Labor Day here)

I haven’t worn these jeans all summer. So, do I have a week to make up for lost time? I’m running late.

Investment Piece: Running Late
Investment Piece: running late
Investment Piece: running late

Wearing all white is both hopeful and daring. And tempts fate. To me, it screams summer. But in a summer that has seen little need for jeans, these have sat untouched. At one point, I had all sorts of outfits planned, but I never put them on. I was running late. But now that time is running out(?), do I have to put them away?

(Sizing note: these exact jeans are linked below for you. I sized up. Which I normally do with white pants-just in case- there is little stretch in these, though they do loosen up as you wear them!)

Investment Piece: Running late

If I can find the grace for myself to muddle through days when it feels like I’m off schedule, and manage to get things done; could we find the grace to continue wearing white in a week? Should jeans this good pay the price for me running late?
While I do plan on wearing them (a lot?) this week, I’m now open to the idea of not acknowledging that Labor Day “deadline”. If I’m running late, why can’t my fashion?

(At least, that’s my current theory)

Jeans and tops linked below

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Ex Files: My Ex’s Friend

Investment Piece: The Ex-files

And we’re back. That’s right it’s Ex Files, dating horror stories, my final attempt to live my life a la Carrie Bradshaw. (And let’s not pretend horror only lives in fiction. Some of my ex files: The Ghosting, Tinder on an Airplane, The One Who Wouldn’t Take No, and of course The One Who Asked for his Money Back. More can be found under “Ex Files” in the search bar). Hopefully this makes you laugh (and feel better about your own dating life). Names and some unimportant facts have been changed to protect people; but the moral of the story is that if you want people to write warmly about you, you should probably behave better.

My Ex’s Friend

We all, usually, have some sort of policy about dating a friend’s ex. While I think there may be an exception or two, I’m of the camp that you don’t do it. It can be so messy and so hurtful that I don’t think it’s worth it. Even more messy and uncomfortable for me? The friend of my ex who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

When I began dating Steve it was magical-with a cute rom-com meet-cute to match. Steve was everything I wasn’t used to, kind, caring, and open, and I was thrilled when he wanted me to meet friends just a month into our relationship. What I didn’t know at the time is that Steve’s friend Wayne had asked Steve about me, Steve had told him our story and showed him my picture Wayne replied “She’s hot, she should date me”.

A little gross, right? It gets grosser.

Steve told me this little story on our way to a party where Wayne, and a bunch of mutual friends were going to be. He seemed understanding when I said that made me a bit uncomfortable (who says that to a friend!) but Steve reassured me Wayne was all talk and would respect our relationship. We can debate the meaning of respect, but Wayne didn’t do it. When Steve and I walked into the party, and I was introduced around, Wayne grabbed me, hugged me hard, and wouldn’t leave our side the entire night. Every time I moved, Wayne was there, chatting me up, letting me know how successful and wonderful he is, and making moves to always have his hand on my back. I was hugely uncomfortable, but felt like I had to be nice. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to be nice to a creep.

I was finally able get Steve alone and let him know that we had to go. And his friend was a jerk. Steve was horrified and got me out of the party ASAP, letting me know that we didn’t ever have to hang out with Wayne again.

And we didn’t. Many months later Steve and I parted ways (ironically while we both made mistakes, I have nothing horrible to say about Steve!), I ran into Wayne at a different friend’s party. The behavior was the same, only this time Wayne felt more empowered to hit on me, letting me know how now that I was “free” I should be his. I let him know I wasn’t interested. Wayne wasn’t able to take the hint, he got my number from a friend and spent the next 3 weeks relentlessly pursuing me. I finally reached out to Steve to get him to get Wayne to stop. (I also blocked Wayne and let my close mutual friends know I never wanted to be at a party with Wayne again!)

Who knows? Maybe Wayne is still trying and I don’t know about it, or maybe he finally got the hint. I hope that he’s learned not to hit on his friend’s girlfriend and to take no for an answer. Is that asking too much?


Lounge Luxe

Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe
Investment Piece: lounge luxe
Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe
Investment Piece: lounge luxe
Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe

Like me, you may be in a bit of a quandary lately. Wanting to “get dressed”. Knowing that you’re just at home and not needing to be in anything other than your pjs.

Working from home is both a blessing and a curse.

There are all sorts of suggestions on how to deal with this weird time we’re in and dressing for. You may just wear your pjs. Or workout clothes. Get dressed. Go all out with a fancy top and be comfy on bottom.
While there’s no right or wrong way to dress right now, what I’m finding works best for me (on a day to day basis) is lounge. Luxe.

This is a vintage terry dress (gown? Swimsuit cover up?). It’s a statement. And like wearing your robe all day. (Yes, even at home I sometimes wear heels but it’s also great with flat sandals or barefeet). Like many things, it’s a choose your own adventure: it can be a full on outfit, or it can be something to lounge in. Perfect for a summer soriee (socially distanced) or perfect laying on the bed after a shower (I can not be the only one who does that for hours).

Most importantly, it makes me feel “dressed” when I need to be. Because lately there are days when I do need my outfits to make me feel good. To let me know that we’re all strong and capable and all the things. And sometimes I need those feelings on days when it’s hard to get dressed. The solution? Lounge luxe. Both worlds, what you need it to be, and fancy feeling.

This dress is vintage, and my only terry cloth dress–I highly recommend them for comfort and style and have linked some for you below. What are you wearing daily? Is it giving you what you need? I want to hear all the stories about it!


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Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe

Fashion Stories: Minimalist Closet

Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, miniamalist, closet, high fashion, shopping, CA, TX

Loves, I am a shopper. I love fashion: that it lets you be someone new every day, that it’s a visual playground, that it can speak for you. And I have quite the collection of fashion. This entire blog is based on the premise that fashion is an investment, and that your closet can be an asset. But an idea I’m simply fascinated by? Minimalist Closet. Let’s be clear, I don’t know that it’s completely for me. I love options too much. Although, I have traveled with a minimalist waredrobe and loved it (read about it here and here). Do I think I could give up all my clothes and par down to basics? No. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

But, I do think that what we have in our closets, what we chose to buy, the waredrobe we build should be intentional. What I love about the minimalist closet or shopping approach is the thought: to the pieces, how they fit, what you really need. And while I am in no hurry to turn my closet clean out into a massive purge, I think we can all benefit from really thinking about our clothes. What do we need? What do we wear? How can we mix and match? How can we build a waredrobe that compliments itself? How can I buy the best pieces for me?

I’m clearly not an expert on the subject, but with closet clean out season upon us, I am reflecting on those questions. As much as I love my options, I want pieces that fit together well. I want to curate a closet that is worth something, and easy to live with. Some reading I’ve been doing on the subject:
Waredrobe Rebuild
How to Become a Fashion Minimalist
A Shopper’s Manifesto

Am I taking a firm stance? No. I’m still reading, thinking, in the midst of a closet clean out. And while I know I’m not the type to par down to 10 pieces, I’m thinking about this. I want to try parts of this on and see if I can be a closet minimalist my way. What about you?


New Favorite

Investment Piece: new favorite

This is basically a one woman show, me. I hire photographers, showcase other businesses, work with people, but this enterprise? It’s me. The US, and the world has been (trying) to deal with its history of racism (yes, there is work to do). Many companies and stores pledged to hire and stock more Black-owned (especially Black Women)companies. I have no employees and I don’t stock– but I’ve made it a point to seek out designers and companies that are Black Owned. Here’s the thing- they should have been on our radar to begin with. It should not take BLM to make us seek out amazing stores. But. I’m grateful that I’ve found these companies. The products are amazing and should be a part of your closet.

This dress is from Mie, and it’s my fave fave. Pockets. Sexy. But functional. Good for everything from a backyard staycation (the pandemic isn’t over!) but will look stunning when you’re out and about. Everything from this store is stunning. The service was stellar. I highly recommend everything about them!

Investment Piece: New FAvorite
Investment piece: new favorite
Investment Piece : new piece
Investment Piece: New Piece: New Piece

Have I mentioned the pockets? This dress is linen but thick, so will be great for fall transitions, or even layered with t-shirts. It’s sexy, but not overly so. I’ve worn it with sneakers to go to the store. With sandals for backyard drinks. Barefoot. It’s become my go-to dress. It’s comfy but makes me feel special.

I love finding new brands, I love clothes that make me feel special yet seamlessly fit into my closet, and I love sharing them with you. I’m a bit embarrassed that it took a movement for me to really seek out new things, but I’m ever so grateful for this discovery.

Shop all the wonderful things from Mie here. And I’ve linked these shoes and similar items below!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: New Favorite

Sunday Chronicles: Perfectionism and Mantras

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

I did some more flashing back this week and came across one of the first Sunday Chronicles I wrote. It’s a subject I keep going back to: perfectionism, and how I deal with it. The story of my life, in other words. The reminder that some battles are constant both encouraged me and scares me. Spin class is one of the ways that I’ve always dealt with it–but right now I’m working out at home (which isn’t bad!), but it means I’m having to encourage myself. And that looks different. Weirdly, I’m saying all these things to myself. Not weirdly, they work!
Enjoy my first thoughts on the topic!
Wishing us all a week of onward and amazing shoes!

Perfectionism and Mantras

I’m a perfectionist. Which means I hold myself to impossible standards, am hard on myself–and all those things you’ve heard–that perfectionists procrastinate, etc? Yes, those are true about me. In fact I’ve spent a vast majority of my life striving to be perfect–and not always being nice to myself in the process–and being even harder on myself when I was unable to be perfect. Sadly, I think that being perfect is something that doesn’t exist.

I still believe in perfect shoes and outfits–but that’s probably a different story.

Get to know me a little and you’ll find that I love to work out. And I love workouts, like Soul Cycle, where encouraging mantras are said and they uplift you–and you feel good. One of the favorite mantras–and one I’ve seen in several places this week so it’s on my mind–is “The Way You Do One Thing Is The Way You Do All Things”. Which is great when I’m in a dark spin class–because I can sprint and jump and climb and do it well. But what about the things that I do not do well? The things I flat out suck at? The list of my talents is long–but I fear it is out numbered by my flaws. I’m human (hard to accept)– and this means I’m messy and unfortunately for me, cannot do all things perfectly. So this phrase has never sat well with me.

However, a spin teacher I love (Angela Davis if you’re ever in LA) has begun to say, “You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be brave”.  Now this I can get behind. If I have to accept that I cannot be perfect–I get brave. Brave means taking risks, and trying, and doing your best. Brave I can do.

Another saying I love is “You have to have compassion for yourself, you cannot be brave every time, so when you can’t be kind to yourself”. Which is another way of saying “You have to give 100% of what you have right now, which will be different than tomorrow and different than yesterday, and that’s ok”. Let’s be honest–life can be hard, and even if we’re trying to be brave, we don’t always get there. I need to hear that it’s ok for me to try my hardest–and that my hardest will be different each day. This I can do.

So I’m trying, I’m being brave. I ramble –and I know there is no fashion tie in. Although, we could say that you should try that outfit you’ve been thinking of, and if it doesn’t work–it’s ok.

My hope for us this week is that we can all be brave, and when we can’t be as brave that we can have compassion towards ourselves. Oh–and I wish for us amazing shoes!

Happy Sunday!

xo RA

I Miss Abandon

Investment Piece: I miss Abandon
Investment Piece: I miss abandon

I’ve been thinking a lot about dressing while we’ve been in lock-down. Dressing for joy, dressing for function, dressing for bed.
Some disclosures:
-I’ve always had a thing for party dresses and not always enough parties to wear them. Now, I’m getting DRESSED to go to the store, but there is a section of my closest that’s not getting enough wear right now. Yet, I have more than one party dress on my current Wishlist.
-I want to write about how we should buy and wear whatever makes us happy. I DO believe in that. I’ve also ordered a bunch of leggings this week (they’re pants now?) and there are days when getting dressed at all is hard.
-While I love going into stores and finding something I didn’t know I wanted, I also love shopping online. In fact, I’ll tell you online shopping is so easy (and it’s like you get presents!). Right now I’m missing in person shopping.
-Things are difficult for everyone right now. Budgets. Stress. It all. Dressing for anything may not be at the top of our lists. I do think it helps, though.

These pictures are old. From years ago, on a Los Angeles spree, one afternoon in RecessLa (you can read about them here), on a whim I spent several hours trying on things. We took pictures and laughed and just enjoyed the fashion. It turns out, I had a ton of these on my phone. Looking through them made me smile. And for all my thoughts about fashion right now it made me realize:

I miss abandon.

Investment Piece: I miss abandon
Investment Piece: I miss abandon
Investment Piece: I miss abandon
Investment Piece: I miss abandon

I miss spending hours falling in love with new things and trying them on. Imagining where to wear them. I miss finding a thing I didn’t know I needed and walking out of a store feeling new.

There are friends of mine who are already planning to dress BIG when this is over (that’s a US statement. I know in other parts of the world you may already be able to be out and about without fear). And I’m on board with that. But I do worry that I will still miss abandon. The random. The surprises.

I miss good surprises.

So. Now. With what we have. How do we invite abandon in? Order something exciting online? Try a new online store? Shop all the vintage on IG and Etsy? I’m in. But I’m open to all ideas.

How are you dressing with abandon right now? How do you think we should invite it in?

This was a vintage dress, I didn’t get it, but I’ve found similar and have linked them below for us all.

I’m wishing us all a little abandon this weekend, whatever that looks like!

Note: these are affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: I miss abandon

Designer Spotlight: Janice Wainwright

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Janice Wainwright

There are certain designers whose work is a definition of a time, whose work is amazing, and yet who still aren’t as well known as some of their peers. Janice Wainwright is one of these designers, but loves, let me tell you: her work is well worth a designer spotlight, and this appearing slight actually makes these stunning vintage pieces more affordable to own.

Janice Wainwright was born in Chesterfield in 1940. She studied at the Wimbledon School of Art, Kingston School of Art, and the Royal School of Art in London. From 1965-69 she worked for the “Simon Massey” Label, where Wainwright defined her work as “youthful, bright, and feminine”. Wainwright went on to open her own label, “Janice Wainwrightat Forty Seven Poland Street”, in 1970; in 1974 the label became “Janice Wainwright”. Her work was a definition of the late 60s/70s.

Investment Piece: Deisgner Spotlight: Janice Wainwright

While Wainwright honed her signature style at her own labels, she is collectively known for:
*the use of fine jerseys and chiffons
*Bias cut dresses
*tailored suits
*tops and skirt sets
*extensive use of embroidery, including Art Deco motifs and birds/flowers
*Long and lean shapes

Investment Piece: Seeing Stars
The above is the Janice Wainwright that’s in my collection. Long, lean, and amazing details and embroidery? I couldn’t resist it when I got it from my love RecessLa, though (funny story), I didn’t realize it was a Wainwright when I fell in love with it! (You can get all the details and pics from this amazing shoot here)

Janice Wainwright was a contemporary of Ossie Clark, a designer that he respected greatly, and the only designer besides Ossie allowed to use Celia Birtwell’s textiles. (Need a refresher on Ossie Clark? I got you covered here). And while there are obvious parallels between the two designers, Wainwright’s cult following is a bit smaller than Clark’s. However, loves, this is not a bad thing. What this means is that the amazing pieces with a Wainwright label are a bit more affordable to collect! With any vintage designer, it’s never really promised to be available, but if you’re interested in shopping Wainwright a great place to start is your local, high end vintage shop. And online: 1stdibs, Shrimpton Couture, and Etsy.

Happy Shopping! XO RA

90% off luxury consignment

Getting in the Water

Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water

Loves, in a moment of vulnerability, I have to admit, this was a hard week. I know, we’re all having hard weeks. It’s just a hard time. And what do I do when it gets tough? Buy shoes! Well, yes. But other than that, a thing I do is get in the water. There’s something about water-surfing, paddle boarding, just sitting by it, that calms me down and makes me happy. Getting in the water is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. And getting in the water in fashion? I LOVE it!!

And loves, this is why I love this job. I love the creativity of it, the thinking out of the box on how to present my fave fashion to you, and the people I work with. This dress is Clover Canyon, and as an Ocean Baby I can’t recommend them enough; their clothes are made of neoprene (always water ready) and the patterns are to die for! I love that my photographer, Katy Shayne, was nonplussed when I said I wanted to shoot this dress on a board and that I would figure it out! And so we figured it out, I got on a paddle board and we were able to get great looks from the dock (the dress is water ready, cameras not so much). Bonus-I got to be on the water and got a session in after we were done!

Another moment of vulnerability: this shoot is from over a year ago. Yet, I’ve updated it. And it rings true. This week, in August 2020 has been tough. My reaction? Get in the water. I found my self putting together a closet, stressed about what to shoot, and needing to be in the water. So, here we are. I went to the water, and I wore this dress (yet again) and things are looking up. Isn’t it funny how things can come full circle?

I’ve updated my shopping picks and hope that however your week has gone, you’re getting in the water!

Note: this post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Shop my picks:

Investment Piece: Getting in the Water

Sunday Chronicles: Structure

Investment Piece: Back on the Grind

There is so much going on right now. In the world. Probably in your world.
Even though we are spending more time at home I often feel like I’m busier than ever. And yet, still days when I have no time and get nothing done. A paradox, I know.

Among all the things right now, one thing I’m really struggling with is structure.

I can be bad at time management in the best of times, over and under estimating how long it will take to do something. I’ve been known to procrastinate. Working from home, like I have for years, has always had its challenges. But, in the before, I was always able to manage. Have a schedule, that if it was loose, I could stick to. My days had rhythm and were a mix of work and relaxation. I had structure.

Now, I feel like that’s all gone out the window.

Working at home, living at work, having no where to go, it’s taken a toll on my schedule. On my structure. And some of that has been great! I feel like I’m finally learning how what I want in a home and a schedule, what really makes a day great, and how to motivate myself.
Some has been hard. With a schedule that can be all over the place, it has been difficult to work on some days. Things are hard to start, stick to, and little things seem to eat up my time. I’m at home more but haven’t had a true, full day off in months.
The good days are really good, but the bad days are really bad.

A friend of mine recently shared that she had started am/pm rituals for herself. They sound great-turning off her phone at 8pm, an early morning walk. I’ve been meaning to add those kind of structures to my day, but nothing has stuck yet.

I know that this post is a bit more down that I usually write. Even when I don’t have the answers (which can be often), I try to stay upbeat. And I hope that is coming through! Even on the days when I feel like I’m flailing there are good things.

But I know I do better with a little bit of structure. And I’m not 10000% sure how to create that for myself right now.

What are you doing? What’s your daily schedule? Are you able to stick to it right now?
I would love any tips you have to share!

Wishing us all a week of structure and amazing shoes!