*Not* Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

She was tired. After a month of being on, there was the temptation to hide away, to regain her strength in private. To simply phone in a month or two of her life. Would anyone notice? Could she get away with phoning it in? Would anyone miss her?

It was tempting. But then, she realized that while she was aok with a night or two in, phoning in her wardrobe was not something she could do. What would be the fun in that? And if she could let her clothes speak for her, what about you?

Investment Piece: Not Phoning it in

Loves, I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I’m so tempted to phone it in. All of it. Would anyone really be hurt if I wore sweatpants everyday? (The answer is no). January can be such a grey month, a reset, most of us don’t have huge social obligations, and we could all probably get away with phoning it in a bit.In fact, this week was really hard, and it was very tempting to stay in pjs or sweats. But. More often than not, I showered and got dressed. Like really dressed. And it made me feel better.

My challenge to us all? Let’s not phone it in. Tomorros is a brand new slate, a new month, let’s not phone it in. Does that mean never wear sweat pants? No. But let’s not live in them, shall we? Even if it’s just to raise our spirits (it can get grey out there), let’s dress up from time to time. Dressing for yourself is an art we should all be called to. The opposite of phoning it in? Let’s do that.

**This golden number is a vintage Jean Varon. Jean Varon (real name John Bates) was a British designer in the 1960s/70s, who’s pieces were known for innovative colors/sleeves/cut-outs. Jean is credited with inventing the mini-skirt, and his works are often considered collectables (like Ossie Clark). You can find them in vintage shops, and online. Some are going to be pricey, but there are still deals to be found when you shop Jean Varon!

I love this blue Ruffled dress, Black and White for under $100, this floral number, also under $100, and this checked number.

How are you NOT phoning it in this week?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Fashion in the Wild: Red Carpet

Loves! It’s red carpet season, and as an actress (and the little girl inside of me how could never say no to a party dress), it’s one of my faves. Yes, I care about so much more than the dress. BUT, I care about the dress. And the shoes. And the hair. And there’s a chance that I want one just like it! So, in the spirit of red carpets and inspiration, for this month’s Fashion in the Wild, we go Red Carpet. Most of these pics are from actual red carpets that I’ve been on (Yes, they are fun, yes, it can be nerve racking). From movie premieres to Fashion shows, each red carpet needs a little something different; but all red carpets are a chance for you to wear something you love!

So, without further ado: My red carpet stunners!

What was I wearing? Loves, it all! Real Talk? Some red carpet fashion is a fantasy: gowns, couture, and custom pieces. Is it something to add to your cart? Maybe, maybe not. Either way I’ve rounded up some pieces for us. Some are fantasy, and you can just swoon over them. Some are realistic and great for your next event. All are red carpet worthy!

Let’s chat all things red carpet: What are some of your favorite looks from this season? What are you hoping for on the Oscar’s red carpet? What would you wear in your red carpet fantasies?

Me: Gucci Gowns, Valentino Gowns, a tux. I would wear it all!

Note: This post does contain some affiliate links, while that doesn’t affect the price for you, I may earn some commission from them. Thank you for your support!

And I can think of no better place to rent your red carpet look:
Rent The Runway

In Betweens

Investment Piece: In Betweens
Investment Piece: in Betweens
Investment Piece: In Betweens

I’m not great in-between. I’m a great girlfriend, but not amazing at dating. When I know boundaries and aims and all that stuff I’m such a great worker. When things are up in the air I can be very anxious and lazy. Great at putting together outfits, but excel in being either really together or super casual (meaning I can get dressed or be in workout clothes all day). The in Betweens get me. I’m never 100% sure exactly how to act, or what to say, or what to wear. I err on the side of extra (always), but know that in Betweens are unavoidable. I’m actively challenging myself to get better at them.

You can read about my past struggles with in between here, here, and here. It’s not a new struggle for me. Thanks for sticking about while I work it out. And this is what I try to remind myself of every time there’s an in between in my life. If I believe that in-betweens can be magical, does that mean an in between outfit can be magical too?

Maybe so.

Investment Piece: In Betweens
Investment Piece: In Betweens
Investment Piece: In Betweens

My days seem to have extremes as well. There are days when I have appointments and events and things that I need a “look” for; and days when I have gym and errands and chores at home and we’re lucky if my look involves anything presentable. In Betweens are hard for me. To get out of my rut, and issue with casual dressing, I’ve been drawn more and more to items like this exercise skirt. Part fitness and function, part fashion and fierceness. (And yes, super similar to my summer fave the exercise dress. This is a skirt version from Target. I’m loving the shorts underneath, the multiple pockets,and the length) It looks great with kicks, but also with flats, sandals, and heels. Your top can be make-your-own-adventure. I can be as active and move in all the ways that I need to, and yet look like a look.

Maybe the key to in-between is balance? Maybe it’s letting the extremes be extremes and working with the rest? Maybe I just don’t know?

What I do know is that looks like this work for my in Betweens. It feels like workout clothes, but let’s me dress it up if I need to. And if that helps me manage the in between I’m ok with it! How do you handle in Betweens? (Besides fashion I try journaling and physical activity and therapy) How do you dress for them? I’m open to any and all ideas!

I’m linking the whole look here. It is an affiliate link, and while that does not affect prices, I may earn commission from it. Thank you for your support!
Here’s to a week of magical in Betweens.

Investment Piece: In Betweens

Ex Files: Valentine’s Day

Investment Piece: Ex Files: Valentine's

Loves, I hope that you get as much joy out of reading these dating horror stories as I do sharing them. Need more ex files and dating horror stories in your life? Check out here, here, and here. You can also search “ex files” on the left (or on top). Grab your snack of choice and settle in, these dating horror stories are something.

This month? I have some opinions on Valentine’s Day, you’ve heard them all month. (You can also check this out. Is it weird if I mention that it’s never too late to give someone a gift?). I shouldn’t have been surprised when I got comments and emails asking me if my feelings on Valentine’s Day had anything to do with a bad date.

And that would make sense. After all, I’m the queen of bad dates. (See above). So did I ever have a horrible Valentine’s Day date that soured my view on the holiday? Honestly, no. I have nothing against love or dates, and there’s not been a huge episode that made me: “Hate the Day”. Getting asked so often, I sat down and thought about it. This is my one Valentine’s Day dating horror story:

I was in 8th grade. So was he. For the life of me, I can’t remember his name. He was awkward and so was I -in that about to bud, middle school way. We were in many classes together, and neither of us were popular, but neither of us were on the bottom of the social ladder. There’s a chance he liked me, I was not at place of self awareness that I even considered that. And it was Valentine’s Day. We were too old for the “class party”, but many people gave out little Valentine’s, and of course the few “cool” kids who were “dating” gave each other presents. Me? I don’t think I thought about Valentine’s at all. This guy, we can call him Bob, and I had our last period of the day together (I think? I know it was art). Did I mention he was awkward? (And so was I). He spent the class alternating between staring at me and avoiding me. Then at the end of class shoved a very fancy chocolate box at me. It clearly meant something. I opened it and over half the chocolates were already eaten.

That’s it. That’s my big, bad “Bad Valentine’s Day” dating horror story. Loves, it’s so tame. But, it does make me laugh. And let’s be really impressed I remember it. (And let’s be more honest, isn’t it a nice repreieve from some of the horror stories you’ve heard?)

Need more horror? Try these Valentine’s Day stories from The NY Times, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen.

Hope that you week is horror free and full of shoe love!

Lunar New Year

Investment Piece: How to Copy
Investment Piece: How to Copy

Tomorrow is the Lunar (or Chinese) New Year. A new year so close after NYE? I’m down! I don’t know about you, but we’re reaching the point in the new year when resolutions and goals are a little bit harder to stick to, and the malaise of winter is setting in. In other words, I’m glad for day to reset and renew my enthusiasm for the new year!

(Also, I love wearing red, which is good luck!)

Investment Piece: Lunar New Year
Investment Piece: Lunar New Year

2020 is the year of the Metal Rat, and is supposed to be a lucky year for money and new beginnings. I’m no expert on Lunar New Year, which is also the Chinese Spring Festival based on their lunisolar calendar. I do know that years are represented by animals and elements, representing yin or yang energy. I’m an earth sheep, which is supposed to mean that I’m tasteful, crafty, warm, elegant, charming, intuitive,sensitive, and calm (I’ll take it). You can learn about the traditions and meanings of Lunar New Year here and here.

If you’re new to Chinese astrology, a firm believer, or just looking for an excuse to celebrate (again), we can use tomorrow as another blank slate to welcome in prosperous new beginnings! I’m all for any excuse to celebrate and start anew, so I’ll be wearing red and excited to welcome the Rat! What about you?

I’ve linked to some of my favorite Lunar New Year Offerings below–they’re mainly cosmetics, some great red lipsticks and incredibly indulgent powder from Givenchy (I have it and it’s well worth your time!)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Note: these are affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Shop my picks here and here.

Investment Piece: Lunar New Year

Where to Shop: autark

Investment Piece: Autark

Last year, at Austin Fashion Week, I had the great pleasure of meeting and falling in love with autark, and it’s designer/owner Sophia McMahon. From puff sleeve dresses and tops, to the ethical and slow approach, the pieces in each collection of Autark are just dreamy, and make me feel sophisticated and the little girl in me LOVES twirling in them! Sophia is charming, and we both love our cats and “Law and Order”, and I knew that I wanted to share my love of Sophia’s autark with you!

Investment Piece: Autark
Investment Piece: Where to Shop Autark

I got the chance to sit with Sophia and learn a bit about her brand, her story, and where she wants to take us with her fashion:

IP: What drew you to fashion design? How did you get started?

I was always interested in design, but a lot more academically focussed while I was at school. After I finished school and went to university, I worked for a couple of years in a completely different career – I enjoyed it but didn’t feel challenged. After taking some time to consider my career direction, I decided to take a leap and pursue the interest I’d always had, but felt a little to afraid to chase after. I enrolled at TAFE here in South Australia, and started autark straight after graduating in 2016.

How would you describe Autark’s mission? Who do you design for?

My mission is quite lofty – it’s to change the way that consumers think about their clothing. Firstly, I want people to think differently about the clothes they buy – what clothes they purchase and how often, how they care for the clothes that they own, and what they do with them at the end of the life of the clothing. My wish for customers is that they don’t feel the pressure of purchasing more often, that they buy well made, beautiful pieces that they can wear much more frequently, but that last for a long time.

Secondly, I want people to know that slow fashion can be fun, light and fashion forward! The aim for my pieces is that they are versatile and classic, yet with a design perspective or point of interest.

I design for women of all ages, who are interested in fashion and design, ethics, and who know their own mind. I absolutely adore seeing customers in autark pieces – it really gives me a buzz like nothing else.

Investment Piece: Autark

I know that your line is Eco-friendly. What processes do you use to get your line that way?

I am so proud of our progress in the way that we approach limiting our impact in as many different areas of our process as possible.

All of our pieces are still made here in Adelaide, Australia, which is wonderful – it’s fantastic being able to build relationships with our manufacturers and see their beautiful work in real time. We are also really excited that our next collection will be made entirely from deadstock fabric, which is fabric that was not utilised by its previous owner. And of course, all fabric continues to be 100% natural fibres.

For the future we are focussing on further refining our processes particularly in regards to the sustainability of our practices, and will be exploring different ways of processing our fabric offcuts, as well as the kinds of finishings we use for our pieces. It’s something that we work to improve on a continuous basis.

Take us through the Autark process-design, manufacturing, etc.

We are currently producing one collection per year, so throughout the year I collate inspiration and design ideas. I’ll then start sourcing fabrics and try to match fabric and design ideas together. Next comes the sampling, to see how the fabrics work with the designs, which then flows on to production.

There is a lot of problem solving at every step of the way, but it keeps me on my toes!

Investment Piece: Autark

If someone was to buy just one piece from your line, what would you recommend? What would you say is your signature piece?

That’s a really tricky one to answer! Can I say an outfit? Probably the Puff Sleeve Bodice and High Waisted Pant. I just adore this outfit – to me it epitomises what I am trying to achieve with the label. Two classic pieces that can be put together as one statement outfit, which can then be broken apart to be dressed up or down. I love this outfit with heels, or sneakers, the pant with a t-shirt, and the bodice with jeans. The possibilities are practically endless!

I know the fashion community in Australia is supportive and welcoming. Is there anything you’d love people to know about it?

I’m so proud of our local industry here in Adelaide, and as a greater whole in Australia. There is so much talent here, and in my opinion a really unique, fresh and easy design perspective. The Adelaide community in particular is creative, proactive and energetic, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Investment Piece: where to shop Autark

My favorite pieces from Autark are also the puff sleeve pieces! (You can shop the dress and top) I urge to explore all the collections at autark. The collections are so beautiful, classic, and charming! Sophia, autark, and Australia are things I love, and this month a portion of proceeds from Autark will be donated to the wildfire relief in Australia, so we can all feel great about shopping!

I hope that you love Sophia and autark as much as I do, happy shopping!

Long Weekend Sales

Holidays in January are both a relief (the month can seem so overwhelming after the holidays and with all the new goals) and a bit jarring (we’ve just gotten into a new routine!). What January holidays are amazing for? Sales. The first (big) ones since the holidays. A time to get what you wanted last year, and a time to define some of your looks for the coming seasons. These sales are always a favorite of mine, I get to stock up on winter basics, and I get to get new things for spring. A little bit of all of that is on sale, and I’ve linked some of my favorites for your shopping pleasure below. Of course, you can always follow me on social media, as well as ShopStyleCollective and LiketoKnowit to stay up to the minute on all my shopping picks!

I hope that if you got the day off it was exactly what you needed, be it a day of relaxation or a trip or a day with friends. And I hope that if you’re shopping you’re getting amazing deals!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

At Jcrew both new arrivals and sale are on sale!
Investment Piece: Long Weekend Sales
Use code LONGWKND for 30% off new arrivals! Shop my picks here

Investment Piece: Long Weekend Sales
And use the same code, LONGWKND for an extra 40% off sale, shop my picks here

There is nothing more chic than a silk blouse. My favorites are from Equipment, the silk is so soft and the cuts are so classic. And this weekend you can get an extra 40% off sale shirt with code EXTRA40. These are my favorites!
Investment Piece: Long Weekend Sales
Shop them here

The Mango sale is the gift that keeps giving.
Investment Piece: Long Weekend Sales
Elevated basics start at $5 and everything is so chic! These are my picks

Investment Piece: Long weekend Sales
Some of the best jeans and more up to 70%? These are my picks from Madewell

Happy Shopping!

New Year, New Me

Investment Piece: New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me. I bet money I don’t have that you’re seeing that phrase all over social media and your emails this week. New Year, New Me. What does that really mean? Is it supposed to encourage us to set new goals and go after them? Are we supposed to wake up on January 1st completely new? What if we don’t? My theory: people fall into two categories, those who believe in “new year, new me” and those who think that nothing really changes.

What if both of those categories of people are right?

If you didn’t hear, the beginning of 2020 got off to a slightly slower start than I thought it would.
You can see all about it:

But, the slow start has given me time to really consider my goals, and how I want to get to where I want to go. I’m great at big picture, but can struggle with small picture and action steps, and I’m thinking about how to conquer that. I’m thinking about what I really want and what’s really important to me. And, I’m using this guide from Groom+Style to evaluate my goal-setting techniques.

New year, New me? Let’s do it.

Investment Piece: New Year, New Me

Let’s get real with each other? Along with this being the month of “new year, new me”, this month is essentially one long hangover recovery. Maybe that’s because of all the champagne on NYE, or maybe it’s just the holiday hangover that makes getting back to work and your routine a little harder. After a week of so of a little more freedom, this stretch of cold and what seems like endless work is difficult to jump into. Here at Investment Piece: we’re taking it slow, easing into “new year, new me”, if you will. From here on out you can expect new posts, but we’re working back into our routine and trying to make the first week of the new year feel as easy as possible.

Investment Piece: New Year, New Me

We covered new year, what about new me? I love to think about this blog as a dialog between us. I hope that you get out of it what I love to put in. This year I’m looking to pick up some of my favorite series where we left off: Fashion Stories and What We’re Wearing. More videos. More exciting pictures And of course, my goal is to bring you exciting outfit inspiration. What about you? Is there something you love? A series you would cut? Is there constructive input you have on what we offer? What are your thoughts? I want this space to reflect you, as well as me, so I’m all ears!

In this year I hope we carry forward the best parts of us from 2019. I hope that we start amazing things, and become even more fantastic. And that there are amazing shoes for all of us!


I’ve linked the shopping for each of these looks here:

90% off luxury consignment

This post does contain affiliate links, but that does not affect the price for you!

Childhood Dreams

Investment Piece: Childhood
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams

This outfit is the stuff that my childhood dreams are made of! I was a kid in the 1980s, and a bit awkward and chubby, but I longed to be glamorous and fashionable and one of the “cool girls”. I idolized some of my babysitters and actresses and some of the 80s fashion. Yes, there was 80s fashion that was BAD, but the good fashion from the 80s? It’s still good. And it’s back! See pleated jeans.

(Side note, I’ve written a little bit about 1980s fashion here, here, and here)

In the 1980s I would have LOVED to wear an outfit like this. True story, when I was 8 I desperately wanted a pair of jeans like these. The stripe. The pleats. The trouser fit. They were everything that I felt like that the glamorous, older girls would wear. In fact, one time when I was younger, I found a pair of jeans like these, but they didn’t fit. It was a tragedy. Finding these were such a gift! I still love the stripes, and the fit, and while I admit that I had reservations about the pleats (I had some bad experiences with pleats in college). But, as it turns out I love them. (They were fun and flattering!)The best of the 80s and fulfilling a childhood dream? What can’t these pants do?

Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams

As a kid I would have most likely worn jeans like these with a shirt (and for the record, any blouse/sweater/sweatshirt would work!), but as an adult I loved pairing it with a “going out top”. (Not a childhood dream from the 80s, but I do love a good statement top) The illusion of a jumpsuit, the ease of jeans, and bits of both the past and today, it’s what you might call a perfect outfit.

I’ve grown a lot since my childhood days, while there are still days I feel awkward, I hope that I’ve finally grown into myself and that overall I’ve evolved a bit (including my fashion sense). Yet, things like this, that the little girl in me loved, still bring me such joy. Maybe the secret to our grown up style is to indulge our childhood dreams now and again.

What childhood dreams and fashion do you hang onto? And how do you dress for them?

These jeans are vintage, but I’ve found you similar and have linked tops!

Note: this is an affiliate link, which doesn’t affect the price for you, though I may earn commission from it! Thank you for your support!
Shop the look here.

Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams

Closet Detox

Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, closet detox, closet clean out, CA , TX

Loves, we chat a lot about cleaning out your closet, especially at this time of year. And it makes sense–new year, new closet! I’m a big fan of the big closet clean out, I do it at least twice a year (with tune ups occasionally through out the year), and am planning on beginning mine this weekend. I’ve detailed my method here, here, and here. It hasn’t changed much: I pull everything out, go through it, seperate the clothes into keep and get rid of, and organize. It can be overwhelming–especially the get rid of part, I’m a shopper/clothes lover/can make outfits in my head of anything, I get it, it’s hard to let go’ but I find cleaning out my closet not only leaves me feeling accomplished, it gives me space for new things to love!

Rather than rehash what I tell you, I thought we’d go to the experts and get their takes on closet detoxing! So I’ve rounded up Vogue, Elle, and professional organizers, not only did I love what they had to say, I learned a thing or two!

HouseBeautiful: Closet Cleaning Secrets from a Pro!

What I loved about this method was the questionnaire about what to keep, and the suggestion to chose a charity close to your heart to donate clothes to!

WhoWhatWear: Closet Cleaning Methods

The winner here? Great tips on how to tell what you’re REALLY wearing, and therefore what to keep and what to let go!

Elle:Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Worth the read for tips to make your organization stick!

Vogue: Closet Cleanout 101

Loves, I plan on printing this flow chart out and using it repeatedly.

Are you cleaning out your closet? What method are you using?