Investment Piece: #Blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer

There is something I love about the stories that suits and Blazers tell. I’ve always felt that a great blazer lets the world know that you’re in control, chic, powerful, and a boss. Do I work at a place where I have to wear a blazer or suit? No. But I still love them. And still firmly believe that they are a fashion investment that you should make.

And Blazers? Blazers can be such a source of creativity in your closet.
Cold? Blazer
Need a pop of color? Blazer
Need to feel in control? Blazer
Pull things together? Blazer

And if you don’t “have” to wear a blazer, you can get interesting. I personally feel that even if you “have” to wear a blazer that you can show personality with a color or print. (This snake number? It’s in).
One of my favorite ways to wear a blazer?
As a top

Yes, I love the look of nothing underneath your blazer–which is perfect for cocktail parties. But a blazer as a top? Next level.
My tips: do this with slim cut Blazers, balance them out with your bottom, and most importantly, have fun. Let your blazer as a top tell a story of someone who is so confident that she doesn’t have to play by the rules.

I would love to know: what kind of stories do Blazers tell for you? Do you wear Blazers as shirts? Would you dare?

I’ve linked pieces I love below for your story telling pleasure!

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The Ex Files: Jumping to Conclusions

Investment Piece: #bootleg

And we’re back. That’s right it’s Ex Files, dating horror stories, my final attempt to live my life a la Carrie Bradshaw. (And let’s not pretend horror only lives in fiction. Some of my ex files: The Ghosting, Tinder on an Airplane, The One Who Wouldn’t Take No, and of course The One Who Asked for his Money Back. More can be found under “Ex Files” in the search bar).

However, I have to admit, this month telling you a dating horror story was a little bit difficult for me. Not because I don’t have stories, because I got STORIES. But. There comes a time when you’re mining your love life every month when you realize that there are times that the horror story is partially due to your actions. (CLEARLY this is a rare instance, but when it happens, aren’t we the better person? The one that can take responsibility and learn and grow?) So, on that note: here is Jumping to Conclusions.

Jumping to Conclusions
One of my most favorite sayings is “Never assume. It makes an ass out of you and me”. It’s also how I remember to spell the word (my spelling issues are for another blog). But the thing about assumptions? They are usually based in something–if nothing else, fear.

Evan and I had been dating-on and off, for over a year. Had he been an asshole? Yes. Should I have listened to my friends and the red flags and let him go? Yes. (Stories for another day) But, once again, I had let myself get sucked into Evan’s charm. (Really he was just moody, but he was a writer so it seemed romantic, and my first “real” relationship in LA so it all seemed so BIG). Good and bad news about me? I’m loyal–way too loyal at times. And truly believe that once you agree to try again with someone you really try.

So, Evan and I were trying again. Friends of mine had invited us to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert. And Evan and I had agreed to go. However, as the days leading up to our “group date” sped by, Evan disappeared. Not answering texts. Not answering the phone. Not a peep from the man.
And. I. Was. Pissed.

Starting over is amazing, and can work. But, the thing is, you’re not always able to let go of some things. And it can hurt doubly when someone knows how to hurt you and it feels like they are doing those behaviors on purpose. Disappearing and leaving me hanging when we had plans? It very much felt like Evan was hurting me on purpose. Also–it’s so embarrassing when a guy does this to you in front of your friends.
So, I handled the situation like any hurt 20-something year old would.
I called Evan and left him a scathing voicemail letting him know what an asshole he was, and how done I was.

Days went by.
As one does, I cooled down.

Then I heard from Evan.
Why had he gone radio silent? His lung had collapsed (after fighting a cold that turned out to be a very serious infection). Evan had been in the hospital and unable to contact anyone.
I felt so horrid for jumping to conclusions.
We made up.

And while this may have been a relationship that wasn’t for me, this experience did teach me not to jump to conclusions all the time–or at least, not leave them a voicemail about your assumptions.

I’d love to hear all your horror stories! Have you ever been the bad guy?

Wishing us all a week of no jumps and amazing shoes! Xo RA

Decisions, Decisions

Investment Piece: Decisions, Decisions

At the end of the day I like to think we have more in common than we think. There are days that I spend in sweats (or some version of yoga pants). Times when it feels like I have NOTHING to wear, times when I want to start over in my closet. And times when I don’t know what shoes to wear with an outfit.

When it comes to shoes, there are two “traditional” schools of thought:

*Always wear shoes at least a shade darker than the hem of your clothes

*Use shoes as a pop of color

But what if neither of those and both of those sound good? What if there are so many options that look good that you’re not 100% sure what to do?

Sometimes it comes down to decisions, decisions.

Investment Piece: Decisions, decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions, decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions, Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions, decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions, decisions

I’ve always loved this vintage wool number; and, lucky me–I have shoes that match all of those pops of color. Or I could always wear black pumps (I have a few of those too!). So, why these turquoise stunners? No real reason. I felt that they popped the best (and loved the contrast with the tights).

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes there is no wrong one. My take? Wear the shoes that you like the best with your outfit. Sounds too easy? Maybe. But it’s a sure fire way to make sure that you love what you’re wearing and I can think of no better decision.

Investment Piece: Decisions, decisions

I’ve linked similar decisions for you to make below!

(Also–love this dress? It’s in my “get rid of” pile in my closet cleaning. If it’s an addition to your collection you’d like to make, email me and let’s get it to you!)


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Trend to Try: Headbands

Investment Piece: Headbands
Investmentpiece: Headbands

I admit that a little bit ago when I got sent a “trend watch” email and it let me know that headbands were coming back, I didn’t believe it. Then I pulled out an old black one and began wearing it during the holiday season. Then I noticed other bloggers wearing one. Then Kate (you know, the Duchess) wore one. And finally, in my past President’s Day Holiday shopping headbands were everywhere.

And my loves, it’s time. I think headbands are a trend to try.

Here’s why I’m loving them:
*You don’t have to do your hair, but it looks like effort
*Hides that you may or may not need to get your roots done (just me?)
*Hides dirty hair
*Headbands are a way to punch up an outfit

I admit it, I’m drawn to the bigger, satin headbands that seem to be popping up in my life, though I’m not against a wrap around headband either. This is the headband that has me looking for anything satin, though this is the headband that started my little obession:
Investment Piece: In my Robe

(The headband pictured above is a wraparound that I’ve had for years. It used to be my go-to on Self-Care Sundays and Cleaning days, but I’ve been wearing it out!)

Below are some headbands I’m loving and thinking of building outfits around:

(Styling tip: I’m personally avoiding bows and a ton of embellishments as I feel like that can read a little young on me. If those are your jam, by all means rock them. Headbands are accessories so my theory is we have free reign to have some fun with them!)

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Another note: while I love some of the designer headbands, this is a trend you can try at a reasonable price! In my selections there are picks from Target/Amazon/etc!

I would love to know: are you rocking a headband?

President’s Day Sales

Investment Piece: #BootLeg

It’s our first holiday post holiday season. And a lot is going on. Does it feel a little indulgent to have a day off right now? I hope so–in all the best ways.

If you’re in the mood to indulge in some of the President’s Day Sales, here are my favorites happening right now! Treat yourself!

Note: President’s Day is also a great day to give back either in service, or in giving to organizations that help those in need.

A perfect President’s Day? Doing both!
Happy Shopping!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Saks off Fifth
Take 75% off at the Clearance Sale. It’s a great way to get clothes for now and for later!

Get 40% off sitewide through tomorrow! Have I mentioned how much I love ShopBop?

Barney’s Beauty
Take 15% off of all beauty with the code BEAUTY15. It’s called SelfCare.

Up to 70% off all sale, with an extra 25% regular priced styles with the code GOFORIT. It would be a crime NOT to shop this sale!

What are you shopping this President’s Day?

Sunday Chronicles: Not Ready to Let Go

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Detox

At this time of the month you may be over all the people telling you all the ways they are cleaning out their lives, starting fresh, letting go of all the things. I get it. Goals are important to share, at least I think so (that whole accountability thing). However, having people talk repeatedly about what they are letting go of can be hard to put up with. Especially, if you’re not ready to let go of whatever it is that you’re holding onto.

A fun paradox in me? I love new starts, fresh beginnings, and the idea of minimalism (or at the very least the idea of cleaning out the old to make room for the new). But I also love things. Shoes, clothes, books, even school supplies; I love them. And I can have a hard time letting some of them go. For every piece in my closet I can tell you about 3 ways I could wear it, mention that I would miss it if I didn’t have it, and have feelings about it. And those are the pieces I think I should get rid of. Am I aware that I can hold to things too long? Yes. But is that any better than letting go of something too soon?

I have a theory about letting go– we do it when we’re ready. One of my favorite sayings is:
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom” – Anais Nin
About personal growth? Absolutely! But, does it also relate to not letting go of things that you’re not ready to yet? Absolutely. At least to me.

Because we chat fashion we’ll stay in that lane. I know that I have things in my closet that I could get rid of, we all do. And yes, I will tell you that in theory I think that you should get rid of things that you don’t LOVE, that are space holders (get what you really want, even if you have to save for it), that have no special meaning to you.
There are things I’m just not ready to let go of, even though maybe I should. From shoes that I just love (even if I don’t wear them all the time) to shirts that I just can’t seem to part with, a part of my closet that I’m in the process of saying goodbye to.
And it will happen.
When I’m ready.

I believe that we do things till we can’t anymore. And while I would love to be a person who rips off the bandaid (or gets rid of the shoes), I’m just not. I tend to do it in stages, then eventually leave the shoes in a box in my car for a month till I don’t want them anymore. I don’t hold shame for needing my time in letting go. I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t hold shame in that, either. Let everyone tell you what they’re letting go of; if you are not ready to let go of something, take your time. There’s room and space for us all to let go of things at our own speed.

How’s that for cleaning out?

How do you deal with things when you’re not ready to let go?

I’m open to suggestions.

Wishing us all a week of appropriate letting go and amazing shoes! XO RA


Investment Piece: #tittietee
Investment Piece: #tittietee
Investment Piece: #tittietee
Investment Piece: #tittietee
Investment Piece: #tittietee
Investment Piece: #tittietee

Titty (Rocker) Tee.

I didn’t name the shirt. But it fits, doesn’t it? If there was any piece that was a little bit of fun, a whole lot of personality, and everything I love about fashion: this is it.
Yes, it makes me want to shake what my momma gave me. (No shame in buying that either)
Yes, this titty tee is a conversation starter. Perfect for a party (I wore it on NYE). But, it’s also perfect for adding a little spark to any event that may need some shaking up.

The titty tee is perfect standing out, but would also look rocking with a sequin skirt.
Have you heard me say that your fashion can tell a story and show various parts of yourself?
With this titty tee, here’s your chance!

(This stunner is via Mestiza New York, a company founded by 2 women in NY that I’ve completely fallen in love with. They are worth a look–I love their take on fashion!)

And I’ve linked this piece (as well as this supporting cast) for your shaking pleasure!

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What Gets Cut

Investment Piece: What Gets Cut
Investment Piece: What Gets Cut
Investment Piece:What Gets Cut
Investment Piece: What Gets Cut

It’s the time of year. And a phenomenon. People are cleaning out, tidying up, organizing, and making more for the new. I get it, I do it, I applaud it.
I’ve written before about cleaning out your closet: see it all in one place here. And, of course, there are people who are better at getting rid of stuff than I am.

We know that I am fascinated by what we hang onto-the stories those pieces hold, but I’m equally fascinated by what gets cut from our closets. Does getting rid of something mean that you don’t love it? (Often, no). Does it mean that it doesn’t look amazing? (Again, often no). So, why do we cut what we cut?

I know we all have a method of deciding what to cut from our closets. Asking if the item sparks joy is a great place to start. I also ask if it fits who I am/who I want to be/various parts of me. Where I can wear it/what I can wear it with? If it’s holding a spot for something I really want? (For example hanging onto something that’s almost right, instead of saving up for what I actually want). There are times when I can talk myself into keeping something, and talk myself into giving away something. Certain pieces I wish I had held onto; there’s no fail proof way to cut things.

The above dress and skirt are things getting cut from my closet. Did I love them? Yes. Could I think of how to wear them? Yes. But, in these cases, I realized that I didn’t LOVE them as much as things on my Wishlist, so I cut them. (Protip: if you want to get rid of something but are scared about regretting it take your pic in it, and put it in your car for a month. I promise it’s like hanging on (the pic) and then by the time you actually get rid of it, you’re aok with the loss). My wish is that these pieces find new homes where they are loved.

Does that make cutting something easier? I don’t know. No matter what needs cutting, there are times when getting things out of our closet is not easy. And that fascinates me.

I would love to know: what’s your method for cleaning out and cutting things from your closet?

Below I’ve linked some of my favorite organizational items, as well as pieces similar to the ones above.
(Interested in items I’m cutting from my closet? Email me! Or should I sell them on Instagram? I would love to know your thoughts!)


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Cleaning out supplies:

Red Floral Dress:

Yellow Skirt:

Investment Piece: What Gets Cut

Vintage Tweed

Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed
Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed
Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed
Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed
Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed
Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed
Investment Piece: Vintage Tweed

Reasons I love vintage: high quality for great prices, original looks, different textures, it opens up styling opportunities, and many more.

What I think about when I wear vintage: the stories. I happen to love when I get the providence of a piece I’m buying; but, even when I don’t, I can’t help but think about the original owner. Did she wear the dress on a date? Did she get her first job in the suit? What did she love and lose in the jacket?

Vintage is the best combination of my loves fashion and storytelling.

And vintage like this vintage tweed? It’s everything.
First-tweed is a great thing to buy vintage. The quality and detail are just superior. Second, I love that this dress can be a dress, a cape (yes, the belt goes underneath the back, giving you a bit of swing!), and a coat (it goes great with jeans). Versatility? Another reason to love vintage tweed. The suede lining, pockets, and the addition of these vintage gloves are details I swoon for.

I can’t help but wonder: who wore it first? Was it freezing when she wore it? Did she twirl in it, like I wanted to?

And if vintage stories aren’t your thing, you can add modern touches and change the feel completely (aka these booties).

This vintage tweed find is via FeatherStone Vintage, one of my favorites, and a place to add to your shopping list!

While this tweed stunner is vintage, I’ve linked similar items below, as well as matches for the boots/belt/gloves!

What do you love about vintage?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Sunday Chronicles: Goals

Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, goals, Sunday Chronicles, CA, TX

Tis the time of year. People are de cluttering, cleansing, and telling everyone about all the things that they plan to accomplish this year.

I’m in.

Every year, at least a few times, I make a few swipes through my closet. You can read about my methods collected here. In the coming weeks I’ll be doing it again.
(SideNote: we all know I’ll never be a minimalist, but I do think that there are things that you can clean out. Yes, I’m more of a fan of hanging onto things that you LOVE, even if you don’t wear them all the time’ but, here’s to us all finding a happy medium).

This January I’m cleaning up my eating. I usually try to eat fairly clean, but with the holidays and extra happy hours, it felt like it was time to tighten up. I’m doing a take on Get Off Your Acid (I LOVE the mineral drink), and am cutting back the sugars/carbs/alcohol, etc while sticking to all workouts that were to easy to skip in the holidays.

There are goals I have for my personal life, professional life, this site, and other endeavors. Goals are one of those things that I love to share, yet get really private about, and often don’t know how to give advice on them. If you’re looking for articles and tips about how to stick to your resolutions, there are out there. (Have one you LOVE? I’d love to read it!) Do I have any idea what to add to that conversation or grounds to chat about goals?

I don’t know.

There are goals I’ve reached, blown past, and some that I had to let go of (which isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes dreams shift). We all know that some of the best methods to achieve what we desire are:
1. Consistency
2. Managble steps
3. Postive attitude
4. Remaining flexible

And yet, we all know that in the pursuit of our goals, there are going to be times when we stumble a little bit. Maybe we screw up, take a day off, decide our methods aren’t working. No matter what the goal, there are bound to be setbacks and times when we either want to give up, or aren’t sure what to do to get to where we want to be. There are times in the pursuit of my own goals that I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, and want to give up. At those times I think of this:

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles,: Goals

(Which is basically a reminder to be flexible about methods, but determined in destination). I’m still uncertain in my standing to give advice in goal getting. But what I know, whole heartedly, is that the main way to achieve your goals is to pursue them. At times that will be in little steps, and they might not always feel good. But we try, and we do. The way to show up is to show up. And the way to get your goals is get after them.

I’d love to know: what goals are you pursuing and what are your methods?

Wishing us all a week of goal getting and amazing shoes! Xo RA