Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

By now the Met Gala, theme of Rei Kawakubo, has come and long gone–you probably had an opinion about the red carpet, and may agree with me that Rhianna won it (just because she stuck to the theme). Or it may be a faint memory (in all of the Met Galas since). While we could chat Met Gala, themes, red carpets and Rhianna’s style, you may have a great grasp on those. What you may not have is a wide understanding of Rei Kawakubo, her designs, and her label Comme des Garçons. Loves, you should know. Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons are fashion in its highest form, and I don’t mean that you’ll find the perfect LBD; but in the sense that clothing will be playful, fantastical, experiment with shape, form, and gender roles, push boundaries, and be a calling to something higher.

Comme des Garçons and Kawakubo are known for original designs, big shapes, non-genderconforming designs, and mixing tailored pieces with corsets. The first few collections were done in only black, white and gray; and the runway shows to this day are more performance art than collection presentation. Comme des Garçons were the first to present designs that seem conventional now: unfinished hems, asymmetry, black, overblown and deconstructed silhouettes; what we wear today holds a debt of gratitude to these collections that read more like poetry than a standard runway. Kawakubo is known for playing with these themes:
-design/not design
-clothes/not clothes
These these run through every collection and are on view in the 150 outfits on view at the Met.
Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

Rei Kawakubo was born in Tokyo in 1942, the oldest of 3 and the only girl.After college she took a job in advertising/textiles, but also worked as a freelance stylist. With no design background, Kawakubo started her line in 1973, opening her first boutique in Toyko in 75. Comme des Garçons grew, adding a men’s line in 78, presenting in Paris in 81, and opening a Paris boutique in 82. Kawakubo now splits time between Paris and Toyko. Known for powerful and directional design that’s been called “radical abandonment of conventions” and “stunningly audacious”. Kawakubo not only dares to rework the relationship of clothes to the body, she involves herself in all business aspects from graphic design to advertising to shop interiors. However, Rei Kawakubo is till thought of as a recluse, an extreme introvert who keeps to herself; even though she is a fashion icon, she doesn’t think of herself that way.
Investment Piece: Designer Spoltight: Rei Kawakubo

Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons have inspired all aspects of fashion, as well as sub labels such as Junya Watanbe, Tao Kurihara, and Comme des Garçons Tricot. There are also several collaborations Comme des Garçons participated in including ones with :Fred Perry, Converse, Speedo, Nike, Moncler, Lacoste, Cutler and Gross, Chrome Hearts, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Supreme (all of which might be found on a luxury resale site or eBay). Much of what we wear or think is cool is owed to Kawakubo.

Shocked that someone who is a self admitted shy girl can design clothes that make such loud statements? I’m not. Isn’t that part of the fun of fashion? It speaks for us, when we can’t? In fact my favorite quote about Kawakubo comes from Paul Gaultier, who said:
“I believe that Kawakubo is a woman with extreme courage. She is a person with exceptional strength. Moreover, she has a poetic spirit. When I see her creations, I feel the spirit of a young girl. A young girl who still has innocence and is a bit romantic. Yet she also has an aspect of a fighting woman, one who fears nothing as she thrusts forward.”
If your clothes can say all that, what else is left to say?

I’d love to know: what are your thoughts on Rei Kawakubo and the Met Gala?


Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rei Kawakubo

Surprise Ending

Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise EndingInvestment Piece: Surprise Ending

Loves, we know how I feel about juxatipositons. I LOVE them!! So is it any surprise that I love a good surprise ending?
The kind you don’t see coming.
With all sorts of twists and turns.
The kind that makes you gasp.

Who said that surprise endings couldn’t happen in fashion?

This shirt dress (similar here) is one of my all time go-to’s. It’s as classic and as daring as you like it, the dress not only buttons down the front, but the back and the sides as well. So, it’s fitting that it’s the back drop for a surprise ending.

Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise Ending

It’s hot. (That’s not the surprise ending) And I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of everything I can do to not only stay cool, but look like I’m pulled together while staying cool. The surprise ending? Vintage swim under my shirt dress. All the structure and poise of a dress, all the coolness that wearing your swimsuit in public allows.

Bonus in this surprise ending? You get to wear your swimsuit in public. I’m always a fan of that.
(See here, here, and here for starters)

Of course, dresses on their own are a great way to combat the end of summer heat wave, but I’m a sucker for the drama. I love glimpses of things that maybe don’t belong, the unexpected, and the juxatipositons. Like vintage swim under your dress; I love that they’re almost like shorts (but not quite) and maintain an air of class (even though they’re swim suits). And, with these on, you’re always prepared to get in the water (if the need so arises).

Surprise endings? A way to keep the heat from beating us? Or just a way to switch things up?
Maybe it’s all 3?

I’ve linked similar items below. I’d love to know: what surprise ending will you share?

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Rent The Runway

Investment Piece: Surrpise Ending

Sunday Chronicles: Sick Again

a postive Covid Test on a counter top

Well. This was not how I planned things to go. While I’ve been under the weather for about a week, I had been testing negative for C19; and had thought I was starting to feel better. Then. I ret
ested on Saturday (best practices for newer variants is to test on day 6/7 of symptoms/exposure as positive tests are lagging. Also FlowFlex at home tests are supposed to be the most sensitive. )

I’ll be vulnerable- this is my second dance with Ms. Rona. I had Omicron over a year ago. My case was mild, but I had been dealing with long lasting effects. I’m a bit scared to be sick again, especially when it felt like I was finally getting back to myself. Another vulnerable moment? Covid is on my Aunt’s death certificate. This is scary to me.

I am doing things a bit different this time with C19. Right away I got an RX for Paxlovid (not available before). Last time, I was so determined to “get back” that I perhaps did too much. I worked through it, I worked out, I pushed. This time? I’m going to take it a bit easy. Not rush to overdo or get back, but truly let myself rest and heal.

This treatment plan also affects us. Between my aunt’s death and my being sick, I’m a bit behind in shooting. And outfits. And getting dressed. I’ really hoping to rest u, feel better by next weekend and be able to shoot (and get dressed) by next weekend- giving us new content starting next week! This week? It’ll be a replay of some of my fave late summer outfits- from swimsuits to dresses. Shopping options will be updated, and new thoughts may appear. (of course both on the LTK and ShopStyle apps I’ll be posting my sale and fall shopping picks, so follow me there- @racheladelicia). I hope that it’s not too disappointing, and that you’ll check out some of past faves here!

In the meantime, I’ll be resting up, and making sure that I get you new and amazing content- and me well- ASAP.

I have no idea what the secret to life is- or if there is one. However, I think the most fervent question that life asks us is :”Am I my brother’s keeper?” And I think the answer is yes. We’re here to take care of each other and walk each other home. Take care of you and yours and your neighbors out there! And feel free to do it in amazing shoes!

Other People’s Clothes

a woman in a green and white wrap dress, hair in a scarf and green loafers

I got into vintage in high school- I loved looking just a bit different than everyone else. The vintage love/obsession grew in my 20s/30s/plus as I realized that the quality, the style and the price I could afford were always unmatched. Shopping vintage lets me get amazing style and brands- that I may or may not have been able to afford “new”, and let me learn about so many FANTASTIC designers that I otherwise would have never knew existed. Vintage has added to my life (via friends and retailers) and closet (in too many items to count) in ways I could never replace.

I’m also a fan of wearing special pieces handed down from my family. From my grandma’s purse to my aunt’s dresses, to dresses from my BFF’s mom. When I wear something from someone I love I feel as if I’m carrying just a bit of them with me .

a close ip of Gucci mules with bamboo heel and a leather satchel

Resale? Huge fan! For quite a number of the same reasons above- I get to get items from seasons past, the quality, and the brand I love at a price I can often afford. This sometimes means that a lot of things I have aren’t new, but new to me. It also is how there are a ton of logos and brands in my closet.

And yet- I’m aware that this means that I’m wearing other people’s clothes. That has never bothered me. I’m not shy about buying most anything resale or vintage, from shoes on up. As long as I know it’s been cleaned, I often don’t worry at all about it. The thing is- I know that there are some people who do care. ALOT. About the fact that they are wearing other people’s clothes. Questions I get from the people who worry about other people’s clothes range from worrying about the cleanliness to not wanting to have old things.

Neither of those worries have ever been big concerns of mine. I tend to shop from reputable dealers/resellers, and in reality even putting your new clothes through the wash before you wear them is never a bad idea. In fact, I often love that I’m taking a piece from someone and giving it a new life- my own spin on it so to say.

These thoughts are brought to you by a social media post questioning how old is vintage (20+ years) and wondering if others ever really wore other people’s clothes. I was surprised by the people who thought differently than I do- and comforted by all the people who love vintage and resale like me!

Note- there is no right answer, we all have things we’re comfortable with!

But my question is – do you buy vintage and resell, aka other people’s clothes? And what are your thoughts on it?

I would love to know!

Getting in the Water

Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water
Investment Piece: Getting in the Water

Loves, in a moment of vulnerability, I have to admit, this was a hard week. I know, we’re all having hard weeks. It’s just a hard time. And what do I do when it gets tough? Buy shoes! Well, yes. But other than that, a thing I do is get in the water. There’s something about water-surfing, paddle boarding, just sitting by it, that calms me down and makes me happy. Getting in the water is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. And getting in the water in fashion? I LOVE it!!

And loves, this is why I love this job. I love the creativity of it, the thinking out of the box on how to present my fave fashion to you, and the people I work with. This dress is Clover Canyon, and as an Ocean Baby I can’t recommend them enough; their clothes are made of neoprene (always water ready) and the patterns are to die for! I love that my photographer, Katy Shayne, was nonplussed when I said I wanted to shoot this dress on a board and that I would figure it out! And so we figured it out, I got on a paddle board and we were able to get great looks from the dock (the dress is water ready, cameras not so much). Bonus-I got to be on the water and got a session in after we were done!

Another moment of vulnerability: this shoot is from years ago. Yet, I’ve updated it. And it rings true. This week, in August 2023 has been tough. My reaction? Get in the water. I found my self putting together a closet, stressed about what to shoot, and needing to be in the water. So, here we are. I went to the water, and I wore this dress (yet again) and things are looking up. Isn’t it funny how things can come full circle?

I’ve updated my shopping picks (and while I love swimsuits and wearing them out, thank you for indulging me in wearing dresses in water!) and hope that however your week has gone, you’re getting in the water!

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Investment Piece: Getting in the Water

Sunday Chronicles: Is dressing to theme back?

a woman in a black and white striped dress, pink coat, black heels and black purse in front of a stillife painting off flowers

There’s a saying that dressing well is a form of good manners. And I agree. I’ll admit that I have a tendency to overdress at times; but in general, being appropriately dressed for occasions is important. You wouldn’t wear your bikini to a funeral. Unless it was a pool funeral?

However, there’s a step beyond dressing well or appropriately. Dressing to theme. Lately, with certain events happening we’ve been seeing it a lot. I read an editorial about how some guy thought all the pink and black and special outfits around isn’t his thing. It is mine! Maybe it’s the sorority girl in me, or the actress, or the fashionista that loves curating outfits- but I think dressing to theme, dressing for events is FUN.

And I, for one, vote for dressing for events to be back! And I especially vote yes to dressing to theme!

Dressing to theme truly plays on everything I love about fashion. You get to curate a look, be creative with styling and interpretation, and when you dress to theme for an event- you get to be a part of a group. I’m not promoting anything (go strike!) but I will tell you going to the movies, seeing everyone dressed in their “take” on the theme was thrilling. It felt like we were all together, and a part of something.

I know that not every event or outing has a theme. And there are some themes that would just be ridiculous to dress to. In no way, shape or form am I suggesting that you dress as a pepperoni on pizza night or anything like that. But fun events? Like a movie. Or parties that truly have a theme? Why not dress to it? Enjoy it? Revel in being a part of something. Find camaraderie with people who love a thing that you love.

And perhaps the thing that you love might be dressing to theme?!

Did you dress up to see anything special this summer? From movies to concerts to parties- I want to hear about all of your theme dressing!

Wishing us all of week of being on theme and amazing shoes! XO RA

It has Pockets!

a woman in a green midi skirt with two front pockets and a white tee leans against brown doors
a woman in a green skirt with 2 front pockets, a white tee, holding a snakeskin clutch in front of brown doors

I am 100% one of those women, who if complimented on my outfit in public by another woman will AWLAYS, ALWAYS tell you (sometimes incredibly enthusiastically) if it has pockets or not. Pockets are important. Pockets can make an outfit or even or your day.

We won’t get into the fact that as much as I am an ARDENT fan of pockets, I weirdly do not like cargo pants. Really. Strange. But true.

However, we are focusing on pockets that we love. So when I found this skirt (linked exactly below if securing the pockets is important) I couldn’t resist. Chic. On trend. Linen blend. Lined! And it has pockets!! You can see the pockets! You can see the pockets!!

Things I put in my pockets just in this shoot: keys, phone, camera cover, wallet, hands, hung my sunnies out of them. My hopes. Pockets are a bit magical (ask any other woman!) and all we may need is a place for our things.

And pockets that feel on trend and chic? priceless.

close up of a snakeskin oversized clutch, cork /snake/gold wedges and brown snake skin sunnies on a green stip

Fun fact? Im not usually a green fan. Yet. This green? Love it. Just the shade I need. And what it went best with (at least in my head?) Snakeskin. Details on shoes. Bags. Sunnies. Just seemed to go with pockets. Or this skit!

a woman in a green midi skirt with 2 front pockets and a white tee, snake skin clutch and wedges in front of iron windows
a woman in a green skirt with 2 front pockets, a white tee and a white tee and snake wedges and clutch

Maybe my non liking cargos has led me to liking pockets that are bigger. Or perhaps knowing any pocket that I deem chic (like these!) is a keeper; or maybe, it’s just that we need places for our things (magic and non-magic) should be celebrated. Or styled. Or both!

What I do know is that pockets are somethings I seek out- before the outfit or the vibe is set- pockets take priority. So planning an outfit, a vibe, a look around pockets? Much easier than wishing you had pockets!

a woman in a green skirt and white tee and snake bag and wedges

Maybe our pockets- and what we keep in them are magic. Maybe embracing styles we didn’t think we liked- I know these are not cargos- and yet loving pockets and then embracing pockets in a big way is a step? Or no. Perhaps that’s the way we grow. Or perhaps pockets in any form- from on the front and being obvious to the more subtle on the side of of our skirts (or dresses or pants) is soothing to celebrate. Even if it was just us calling and telling each other!

a woman in a green midi skirt with pockets, a white tee and snake purse, sunnies and shoes

These exact pockets are linked for your below! (as well as similar options for the rest of this pocket lovely outfit!) I’m assuming you love pockets – so how do you talk/styl/love them? I would love to hear about it!


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a woman in a green skirt with pockets on the front and a white tee and snake clutch and wedges

Make Your Set

a woman in oversized linen shorts and top with white clogs and a basket bag
a woman in oversized linen white shorts and black blouse in heels in front of a green hedge
a woman in oversized black linen shorts and white and black polka dot shirt with lace up sandals

On trend this summer? Linen sets. Or “boxer” shorts (or type shorts) with a blouse. My take on the trend? Linen Separates (and I bought these shorts years ago but found you the exact ones!) that I mix and match. I know this is about trends- but for me this is more uniform, or go to’s. Any day I don’t need to be or wear something special (or even days when I do), I know that I can throw one of these on- from black on black to white with black to polka dot. Clogs. Sandals. Heels. Any Bag. And I while not only look on trend but feel amazing in my outfit.

Yes. At least once a week I’m wearing some sort of combo of this outfit- for errands. Or work. Or drinks. Or whatever the day brings. I mix and match shorts and tops and make all kinds of sets. It’s almost kind of thrilling!

And the thing about this trend? You can make your own set.
None of the above looks were bought together. From shorts to tops, all of these pieces were bought at different times, different seasons. One was even a gift from when a dear neighbor cleaned out her closet. Yet? Mixing and matching these pieces is not only super easy, it brings me joy. Most importantly- it’s easy. As someone who loves fashion I can over think my outfits. There’s nothing to overthink here. Just throw on and go!

a woman in an oversized linen shirt and shorts and heels
a woman in oversized linen shorts and top with lace up sandals

The even better thing? You can do this with any set. Or separates. Get your fave shorts. Or skirt. Or pants. Add your fave blouses over time. Or tees. Or tanks. Mix and match as wanted. Or needed. There doesn’t have to be a “this goes together” set that you can only wear together. This kind of “make your own set” is so friendly and so easy- and is completely make your own set. It’s the ease of summer- that just happens to be on trend right now!

I’ve linked some of the shorts and shirts and shoes I’ve made my own set with- but any easy short and shirt you love will do!

How do you make your own set? I would love to see!

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Scarf as Top

a woman in black pants and black and gold sandals wears a multicolors scarf as a halter top

It’s a summer (and sometimes my winter) tradition to wear a scarf as a top. Over shots, jeans, pants, skirts, bikini bottoms- you name it I’ve worn a scarf as a top with it. For example:

a woman in a scarf as a top and green pants sits on a stone wall!

Investment Piece: Kisses!
a woman in white shorts, a multicolor scarf as a top and platform sandals

This summer is no exception- I’m wearing my scarf as a top:
a woman in a multicolor scarf as a top, black pants, and black and gold sandals

And yet this summer there’s a twist- I’ve used a dog collar necklace (though any sturdy necklace would do!) to help me turn my scarf (as a top) into a halter top! Curious about how?
See here:

I didn’t come up with this scarf as top method alone- I copied it from Bloomers and Frocks’ IG and this classic god collar is from one of my faves Rust and Pearls.
Do you go back to scarves as tops like I do? How do you tie them? Or wear them? I would love to hear all about it!

(Another fun note: this time I paired the scarf with parachute pants- a reach for me as I associated them with cargo pants which are never my favorite. In the fall I want to pair these pants with a blazer to make a “suit” and while they are not in my comfort zone I’m excited about them! Scarves really do go with anything!)

Scarves, pants, and these exact shoes are linked for you below. I can’t wait to see how you do scarf as a top!

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a woman in a multicolor scarf as a top and black pants and black and gold sandals

Sunday Chronicles: Not Going to Plan

Investment Piece: Green Envy

I’ve had one of those weeks. Well, not one of THOSE weeks, but one of those weeks that did not go to plan. At all. In any way. Which can be incredibly frustrating, and leave you feeling behind or worse. But, there are times when things are not going to plan, when it can be a gift. Right? At least that’s the mindset I’m going with.

This past week I had plans, and ways that I thought things would go. As the saying goes, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans”. I’ve found it to be true over and over again. This week I had to deal with my own grief with my Aunt passing, as well as help plan for her service. I had to juggle a new day job while planning ahead here. I needed to adjust as new info came in on both personal and professional levels. I had to cancel my plans, I had to rearrange my schedule, I had to take time for me. And while there were times that having to put all my plans on hold was upsetting, there are times when things not going to plan was the best thing to happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I think about things (mindset) and how I roll with the punches. Being a planner, I can sometimes get a little (a lot) upset when things don’t go according to my plan. Trusting that I’m always in the right place at the right time, that things will always work out for the best, and that the unplanned can be gift doesn’t always come naturally. I work at it. I’m getting better at it.

Because, the thing is, not going to plan is a gift. Sometimes it means that we get something so much more amazing than what we had planned. I had to rearrange things this week. I missed some things that I was looking forward to. And, I felt behind as I didn’t do my plan. But you know what? I got to rest. I got to really look at some things and I got the chance to do some self care. Work worked out, and while there are things I’m playing catch up on, I’m full of new ideas and in a place where I’m rested enough to get more done.

There are times when our plans won’t get us where we want to be, and we have to trust that things not going to plan will. I’m working on it. How about you?

Wishing us all a week of great events (planned or not) and amazing shoes! XO RA