Rock a Caftan

Investment Piece: Rock a Caftan

This week has been a little off. We were without power on and off for a few days. Then my neighbor had a gas link — and somehow it made me sick! On top of a very busy to-do list, it was a bit jarring. To say the least. But. it’s the weekend which really kicks off the season (as it were). The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo. Even on the couch I will be rocking this caftan (and maybe drinking something minty or spicy). In the meantime, let’s revisit this pieces!
Investment Piece: Rock a Caftan
Investment Piece: Rock a Caftan
Investment Piece: Rock a Caftan
Investment Piece: Rock a Caftan
Investment Piece: Rock a Caftan

Caftans are the quintessntail summer chic. They’re elegant and yet they hide everything. (I’ve always had a thing for caftans including this one from my love AAVintedge). Caftans can be worn dressed up or down, at the pool or on a casual day, there’s no right or wrong way to Rock a Caftan (part of their appeal).

My fave way to Rock a Caftan? Find one you love that makes you feel special. This one from NewCropShop is simply to die for! Those sleeves! That embroidery (all done by hand!) It’s perfect for an event (even a wedding) or just a day that needs a pop.

You can order one at New Crop Shop, shop my picks below, and let me know all the ways you Rock a Caftan!


All above pics taken by Kyn Photography

Loves, I have to admit this post was hard to write! Not because I don’t love this caftan, or love to Rock a Caftan, but because my heart is in TX. At times like these it can feel so overwhelming and we can feel so helpless that we do nothing. I understand that. I think the solution, and how we combat that is to do a little. As one of my fave people says “Do a little with great love”. There are so many organizations that you can choose to give to, I won’t tell you which is best. I’m linking Red Cross and this article from Texas Monthly that outlines where you can give. I know various stores are giving part of their proceeds this week to relief efforts, and I will link them as I get details. Let’s go out there, Rock our Caftans, love each other, and do some good.

And loves! Remember our great Skin Print EyeDeal giveaway? Due to the craziness of this week I’m extending the deadline! Go get you some amazing eye cream!

Your Spring Closet Clean Out

Investment Piece: Your Spring Closet Clean Out

Are you using this time at home to clean out your closet? If so, I’m impressed! It’s not that I don’t want to clean out my closet. I’m a huge fan of that! See: here, here, here, and here. And that’s just for starters. There’s something about a clean closet- knowing what you need, having everything organized, and getting rid of things that no longer fit your stories is both freeing and exciting!

But. Right now, a huge closet clean out just seems so overwhelming. I keep telling myself that I’m going to start a massive Cleanout and reorganization. But it hasn’t happened yet. What has happened? I did a brief Cleanout right before all the Stay at Home orders started (yes, years ago!). And while I had planned to sort and sell and donate those clothes, I didn’t get to it before I needed to be at home. So, this time I’m determined to do a proper spring closet clean out! I’m seeing what I might be able to donate, sell, and if there are a few things that could be added to those get rid of piles! While we’re apart, most places are accepting donations (check with your local companies. This is varying city to city). And if you have things to sell, my recommendation is Ashley at TheRealReal ( Make sure to tell her I sent you!) She will set you up and get your things online, all while you stay safe at home!

I know you must be sick of hearing me say this, but I truly believe that our clothes and fashions help tell our stories. And our stories are our masterpieces, and so we edit them. I’m going to try and use this time to edit- to get rid of things that no longer tell stories I love (and clothes that just don’t fit right) and making room for things and stories I love. What about you?


Ex Files: The One Who Lied About a Party

Investment Piece: Ngihts in LA

It’s that time of the month when I attempt to be Carrie Bradshaw, aka my own personal dating horror stories. If this speaks to you (or you just love the drama!) you can search ex files over in the search box for more, or may I suggest The BreakUp Text, Dudes and Nudes, The One Who Got Married. This month is a doozy- and sadly I didn’t break up with the dude over this (in my defense I was 23), but without further ado may I present The One Who Lied About a Party. Got Dating Horror Stories? I would love to hear them! Maybe we can even chat about you being featured! Xoxo RA

The One Who Lied About a Party

The kicker? It was my one of my dearest friend’s birthday party.

So Charles and I started dating in the usual way that you do in your 20s. We met at a party and he was cute, I was cute, there was flirting, which lead to a first date, to where we were spending almost every day together. Then (not related to this story) I broke my foot. Our dates went from on the town to more order in and be each other’s entertainment. Maybe it was a lot for a new relationship. Or maybe Charles just didn’t like it.

Either way, in the midst of all this one of my dearest friends was throwing her birthday party. There was no way that I could make it between the cast and the drugs and the pain and at the time Uber,etc, was not a thing. And ironically my “boyfriend” Charles told me that he didn’t want to go. Luckily my friend was incredibly understanding- she said it was mainly going to be her work peers, and was done around her work schedule (aka a bar by her work, later than usual, etc). As I was so put out by injury, I thought nothing of not going, was grateful for my friend’s understanding, and was aok with my boyfriend not wanting to go.

Then. The morning after my friend’s party she called me to let me know that Charles did in fact come. My friend asked him about why he didn’t come with me, and he let her know that as he and I weren’t “official” he didn’t want to come with a girl to ruin his chances with anyone else. I was embarrassed, horrified, and hurt. And honestly, didn’t know what to do.

Did I mention I was 23 and this was one of my first relationships?

I called Charles and confronted him. (Which BTW was super hard for me) I let him know that his actions hurt me, that he could have let me know about his feelings, and that I was disappointed in how he handled things, and most importantly he didn’t have to lie about going to my friend’s party. He hemmed and hawed and try to turn it into a way to ask me to define the relationship.

Sadly I let him get away with it. I was 23. And somehow felt guilty for being injured and not-as-fun. I even made him dinner. Shockingly, that relationship didn’t last. For many, many reasons- and yes, this was one of them.

What lie made you rethink a relationship?

Guess Who’s Back?

a woman in a navy peplum long sleeve top, distressed jeans, Metallica kitten heels and a painted clutch

What’s the VERY true saying? Everything comes back. (Part of what makes cleaning our closets out so hard!) Well. Now- guess who’s back?!? The peplum! What once was everywhere and on almost every top is now back- and while this specific peplum is seasons old (actually from one of our first posts! Can you believe we have been here this long?) it feels brand new– thanks to things being back!

a woman in a navy peplum top and distressed jeans with metallic heels and a painted clutch
a woman in a navy peplum top and distressed jeans with metallic heels and a painted clutch
a woman in a navy peplum top and distressed jeans with metallic heels and a painted clutch

Know what else is back? These are some of the first pictures I (my mom) took for the blog! Isn’t it funny that when a style comes back all the things around that style comes back? Ironically I still have this peplum top. And love it. But. If all things come back- and all of the memories as well- how do we stop ourselves from just repeating the same things or getting caught in the past? Being back shouldn’t mean stuck-right?

My tips for the new but back peplums?

-While I do love this outfit (and it still feels on trend) I think the best balance for a wider top-aka a peplum- is a slimmer bottom. This can be a slim jean. A pencil skirt. A straight leg pant.But balance is the key
– I love a monochrome or contrasting color. AKA – I know navy and denim aren’t EXACTLY the same but they go. Black and white? A classic. Those kind of pairings (note-these are by no means the only color combos. My main point is either same, similar or classic contrasting seems to work best!)
-A peplum can be both edgy and classic- it’s up to you to play. As with any style there’s always a bit that’s your personal take, throwing away all the advice and making a peplum your own

a woman in a navy peplum top and distressed jeans with metallic heels and a painted clutch

They are things are absolutely classics- investment pieces if you will- and I think us styling them in all the ways is fantastic. And then there are pieces that always come back-perhaps the styling changes but things always comes back (my advice is that keeping onto classics is always best and any trend buy in classic colors! Not at all hard and fast rules because I am a “if you LOVE it buy it” but very GENERAL guidelines. Give it away – in any way- if you no longer love it or think you’ll never wear it again). I think this is where I wax poetic about trends and what we buy and clean out. Those are SO big (I truly wrap my head around them every day) but those are a different (probably many different) post(s).

What we do know for sure? Things come back. You should make things your own. From trends down to classics you should buy what you love. And maybe that things comes back is thing to look forward to- instead of run from!

Below I’ve linked some of my current fave peplum tops. I hope what comes back this season makes us all smile- and that maybe we have some of those come backs in our closets!

Note: This post does have affialte links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a navy peplum blouse and distressed jeans and metallic heels

Fashion Stories: Shorts

a woman in pink linen shorts with a grey long sleeve sweater and leopard print mules

Does it age me that one of the ads that I most remember from my youth is a song that goes:
Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!

It was for a shaving/Nair product- but I still have that song in my head. And I still think about it in short season. Are shorts in season every spring/summer? Yes. I mean- they have to be, right? But, for some reason this season, I feel as if shorts are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. As in- everyone you know is wearing shorts, shorts are in so many editorials, so many red carpets, so many EVERYTHING. From short shorts (like the song) to Bermudas, to even pedal pushers- all shorts are en vogue.

So. Shorts are a thing we’re doing?

a woman in a white suit short set with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat as well as a gold bandana

The thing about shorts? They do scream summer. I can’t think of anything other than swimsuits (and we know I love those both in and out of the water) that I wore more as a kid in the spring/summer.

My one issue (ok- not my only issue as out of no where I get worried that I am too old for shorts) with shorts is that I don’t want to look like a kid (and ironically too old) wearing them. So, how do we tell our stories (which I hope this season includes a ton of fun, a bit of nostalgia, and perhaps a smidge of sexiness) with shorts this season?

a woman in pink linen shorts, a grey sweater and leopard mules

These are my tips, and my tips alone for shorts. Note: Like you I am still feeling it out as I go along and experimenting with short length, etc!

-Figure out what you feel comfortable with! Is it a length? A color? A pattern? This season everything- from suits to patterns to to all fabrics and lengths. If you’re drawn to a certain pair of shorts- play with them! I promise you that all shorts, even and especially those pictures here can be styled in SO many various ways.

a woman in a blue and white striped short romper with blue lace up sandals

– Dress up or down as you love. I have been playing with pairing my shorts with heels. Flats. Sneakers. As a suit. Super casually (cut offs and a tee!). Shorts, any shorts, with your favorite tee or blazer or blouse might the outfit for your season. And there are so many shorts! From suiting shorts to tailored Bermudas to the beloved cutoffs. Even rompers.

a woman in black and white polka dot long sleeved blouse and short shorts with red cage sandals

Perhaps the biggest story for shorts? To play. For you to figure out how and what and where shorts make sense for you. How to style them to feel most like yourself. Shorts that make you feel your age- in all the best ways.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been both drawn to shorts lately and a bit scared of wearing shorts lately. Yet, for fashion, I’ve been pulling through. (Also, because I refuse to believe that we are too old to wear anything. If you think you look great, who does care? At least, this is what I am telling myself) Shorts can be: cheeky (in the attitude way. OR I guess the other way!), sophisticated, flirty, causal, dressy- and all the things in between. And if shorts can be ALL of that, what stories could we tell in our shorts?

I can’t wait to find out!

How do you feel about shorts? How do you wear them? And any tips for feelings on shorts? I am all legs!

I have linked some of the shorts above and shots I want to wear below! Happy shopping for shorts!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in pink linen shorts and a grey sweater and leopard mules

Happy Earth Day!

a woman in a green and blue and purple striped dress with a shoulder drape
One of my fave vintage dresses as it was worn by the Miss Texas of 1964 and I bought it in CA. Both of my states!

The best way to celebrate Earth Day (according to me, a shopping maven) is by shopping and enjoying vintage. Shopping isn’t earth friendly you say? Vintage shopping ins one of the most earth friendly things you can do! No need to demand more supply, everything from leather to silk is better from the past (and you don’t have to feel guilty about it!) So, as a way to say thank you to our Momma (Earth) and to do the best recycling (that benefits our closets) here is a round up of my fave vintage places!

Online Shopping Tips

A woman in a navy and white polka dot short set with a skirt over it
Featherstone Vintage

Investment Piece: Polka Dots
Timeless Vixen

Investment Piece: sequins can cheer you up
Recess LA

Investment Piece: Gown So Good
Kit Vintage

And one of my faves Bloomers and Frocks has rebranded to Devils Details

What is your best way to celebrate Earth Day? And where do you shop vintage?

I would love to know! XO RA

Sunday Chronicles: Introverts, Communications, and Hangovers

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles
Introverts, Communication, and Hangovers

There’s a great chance, by now, that you’re aware (or have a theory) on whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. And maybe you have an understanding of how that affects your communication, and how introverts can get hangovers from too much interaction. I’m a fan of deeper understanding, and being aware of how you’re wired, and the best ways to communicate for you. We all have a love language (trendy doesn’t mean it’s not true), and there are ways for each of us to be our best selves.

This is not a post to promote any sort of label, push you to fully embrace your “vert-ness” (I may have just made that word up), or help you demand to be surrounded by people who only speak your love language. Also, this is not a post to disagree with your vert-ness, argue we should all get all communication, and that all this is bunk. This is a post about a week in which I was reminded that these labels about our “vert-ness” are not finite, we’re all on a spectrum, all communicate differently, and that introvert hangovers are a real thing. And all of that is aok.

I’m an introvert. I need time alone, and after being around people a lot I need to recharge. The twist? I’m a performer; I can be “on” with the best of them, give a good show, and I like that part of me. Also? For an introvert, I’m extroverted. Yes, I need time alone, not a fan of too much peopling, but I can chat people up and network. It’s a spectrum, and there is no right or wrong way to be an introvert. We all get that.

What I forgot this week? That when I forget to balance the different sides of my introvert personality the people hangovers are real. I spent too much time go-go-going and being with people the past few weeks, and had to give myself a lot of down time to recover. What also hit me? When I (or anyone) chats about their need for alone time (or space) it’s not always the way that someone else communicates. What does all that mean? I (and you?) have to be clear about what we need, take care of ourselves, and nurse a hangover that comes from interaction the same way we would a “real” hangover. We may also have to be active listeners when people tell us about their needs.

And the thing? That’s all ok. If everything is a spectrum, then even taking care of ourselves is a process that isn’t always a finite thing. Right? So, this week, I’m focused on letting myself be “on” and letting myself be “down”, telling people clearly what I need, avoiding hangovers, and really trying to hear people when they tell me their needs. What about you?

Wishing us all a week of no-hangovers and amazing shoes! XO RA

It’s Roberto Cavalli!

a woman in a Roberto Cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons, a white tee shirts and black sandal pumps
a woman in a Roberto Cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons, a white tee shirts and black sandal pumps
a woman in a Roberto Cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons, a white tee shirts and black sandal pumps

You may have heard by now, infamous designer Roberto Cavalli left us this week (see here, and for more insight here and here), and while I admit that I don’t have a ton of Cavalli pieces, the pieces I do own are simply amazing.

Like this skirt.

While I perhaps waited too long to shoot it (note to everyone: leather and 90 weather DO NOT mix!), this skirt is one of the dreamiest things I own. From the stitching. To the buttons. To the slight mermaid flare. And really, this is tame for Cavalli. It goes amazing with a simple white tee, or would be fantastic with any sort of sweater, sweatshirt, button down or blouse. Boots. Pumps. The thing about a great piece- like a Cavalli- is that it’s incredibly easy to style as it goest with oh so much. And elevates almost anything you pair it with.

a woman in a Roberto Cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons, a white tee shirts and black sandal pumps
a woman in a Roberto Cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons, a white tee shirts and black sandal pumps
a woman in a Roberto Cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons, a white tee shirts and black sandal pumps

Every time a great designer leaves us (and I feel as if it’s happening more often recently), I can’t help but search for their pieces- both for sale and on resale sites. It’s a bit of honoring the work, researching the work, viewing the work– and sometimes wanting to own a bit of the work. With Roberto Cavalli I couldn’t help but be attracted to his bold pattens, his mixing (I too feel as if leopard is a neutral and goes with florals!), and his iconic flowing sets. TBH I also fell in love with a bit of his snake details (which for this purpose came across in the shoes I found!). I am linking some of the skirts I found below for your own shopping/owning fashion history purposes!

Back to this leather skirt- I’ve had it for years, but each season I appreciate it more. It’s so well made, so thoughtful, so detailed.Even in the heat, it’s the perfect piece to wear with almost anything- even in the heat!

a two shot of Aiden and Carrie from SATC. Aiden : You're fighting with me over a stupid outfit? Carrie: Oh Shut up  it's Roberto Cavalli

The following scene from Sex and the City got it right (say what you want about the show, but Carrie often did), Cavalli as a designer is not just some stupid outfit. His pieces aren’t just clothes. Our best designers gave us art. And perhaps the best way to honor them is to wear the art.

Did you love Cavalli? Do you own any?

As mentioned, I’ve linked similar skirts to this one for your pleasure below!

This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a white tee and a Roberto cavalli leather skirt with gold buttons and black pumps

Essentials Update (White Tees)

A woman in a white tee, a pink tweed Chanel skirt and black and white Chanel sock boots

The thing about loving party dresses and dressing up is that sometimes your essentials get left behind. Beloveds, this is not the time when I will turn you away from any party dress or shoe or any special piece- at all. But, the older I get the more I am realizing that our essentials really matter too. They are often the building blocks of our wardrobes– and they too are worth investing in!

One of the essentials that I’m focusing on currently? The white tee. I know, I know- white can get dirty and grungy (my trick for that is to use this soak every so often to keep my whites really white. I LOVe this stuff and it works SO well!) and it can be tempting to get a passable white tee and just keep replacing them.

BUT. What if we found white tees that were great quality and fit well and we invested in them so they last?

So many outfits and styles can be served by a white tee. This season alone I want to wear them with bubble skirts and shorts and linen everything. Some of those outfits I need a bit fitted shirt, some a bit boxy, some a long sleeve. I’ve been looking at reviews and I think I’ve rounded up a few white shirts that I think would be great — and would last. I’m by no means rushing to buy them all now, but when you start to see them, please don’t be surprised!

What are your thoughts on white tees? Do you invest in them or just wear any old one? What are your favorite white tees?

I’m linking a collection of white tees that I’m loving below and would love to hear all your tips and faves! XO RA

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a white tee shirt and a pink tweed Chanel skirt with white and black Chanel sock boots

Pink Linen Days

a woman in a pink linen vest and trousers with kitten heel sandals and a leopard clutch
a woman in a pink linen vest and trousers with kitten heel sandals and a leopard clutch
a woman in a pink linen vest and trousers with kitten heel sandals and a leopard clutch
a woman in a pink linen vest and trousers with kitten heel sandals and a leopard clutch
a woman in a pink linen vest and trousers with kitten heel sandals and a leopard clutch

Things that scream spring (and even summer!) to me:
Loose, easy linen.

Look- I have a thing for suits. Do I ever need to wear one? Nope. But I do. I LOVE them. So this easy set- a vest and a trouser- is just the perfect oversized suit(ish) look.


Is it Barbie? Is it that spring is the perfect time for pastels? Or hot pinks?

Or. Perhaps. This set, this linen, this color is the perfect way to scream spring.

(Here come the usual caveats- sets are fantastic as the mix and match possibilities are endless. Linen is such an easy fabric- yes, it wrinkles, but it’s also so incredibly elegant! This pink! What can be said? I am the first to admit that I am not always SUPER girly. Bows. And pinks. These haven’t always been my go-tos. Yet- ever since Barbie I have been able to take some of these “girly” fashions back for myself. Empowering to wear pink? There was a time when I would not have believed you but it turns out–it’s true!)

And because of who I am as a person, I had to pair this spring perfect pink linen with a pop of leopard (it’s a neutral you know!) and kitten heel sandals (so chic and so on trend!).

For Pink Linen Days I can think of nothing as perfect as a pink linen set such as this. What are your go-tos for spring? From sets to fabrics to colors?

I’m linking this exact set here. It’s under $50 and so spring! (yes! This is an affiliate link. While this does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!) There are also leopard and sandal options for you!!