Nap Dress: Summer Outtings

Investment Piece: Summer Outtings
Investment Piece: summer Outtings
Investment Piece: summer Outtings
Investment Piece: summer Outtings
Investment Piece: summer Outtings
Investment Piece: summer Outtings

If we can define a nap dress as the cross between a nightgown and a day dress (see here) and agree that there are nap dresses that lend themselves to sleep (see here), wouldn’t it make sense that there are nap dresses for summer Outtings?

I bought this dress on the same day that I bought the nap dress from Monday, and on the same day that I read this article about nap dresses. I loved the eyelet detail on the sleeves. The pockets! The tent like way it hung. Not quite a night gown (though I have a nightgown that is ALMOST AN EXACT MATCH. The main difference is the pockets) and not quite a dress. The irony?

While I feel the urge to sleep in the nap dress from Monday, with this nap dress, I feel the urge to go out. It’s become my “dressy” nap dress. (Yes, that’s where we are). For errands or socially distanced happy hours or what is now nights out (walks or zooms or anything I can now convince myself is an “event”), this is now my go-to.

And people love it.

Does it feel like a nightgown? Yes.

Does it wear like a dress? Yes.

Is it the perfect nap dress? Yes.

If nap dresses are both for bed and for Outtings, shouldn’t it stand that you have nice nap dresses? Ones that you only wear out? (The good news is that they would be just as chic at home and in bed. That’s the magic of the genre!)

This is my “nice” nap dress. The one I reserve for “special” things.
And if it feels and looks like a nightgown that’s between me and me. 😉

I’ve linked options for you below. What kind of nap dresses are you wearing?

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Investment Piece summer Outtings

What is a Nap Dress?

Investment Piece: Cinderella

It’s Nap Dress week here at Investment Piece. We’ve chatted the allure of nap dresses, sleep issues, and some of my nap dresses. One, kinda odd, thing that we haven’t really discussed?

What is a nap dress?

Investment Piece: what is a nap dress

Is a nap dress simply a nightgown you can wear outside? An updated version of a vintage nightgown or dressing gown? A vintage night gown? Any dress that is comfy enough to lounge in?

I think the answer is yes, to all of the above. While there is an “official” nap dress (see here), a take on vintage nightgowns, maybe the real answer is a nap dress is any dress that lets you relax.

I’m sure that we could define the nap dress a bit more clearly, make the definition include the juxtaposition these dresses have of innocence and appeal, the nods to nightgowns of yore. But that would leave out so many dresses that would be great to nap in- from acutal vintage dressing gowns to slip dresses. I also have sundresses that I’ve worn to bed recently, are they not nap dresses?

Investment Piece: what is a nap dress?

Since the publishing of this article about nap dresses, I have seen more and more people refer to nap dresses. And while I’ve always been a fan of PJ dressing and the Sleeper dresses (I’ve linked some for you below, they are also part nightgown-part dress!), I think this overload of nap dresses is a comment on where we are.

Most of us, especially in the States, are staying home and dressing for not going out is becoming, at least for me, a challenge. I love my clothes, I love the stories they tell, I have no qualms about dressing up for myself. But, when you don’t have to get dressed for months at a time, do you?

Nap dresses let you stay in your pjs all day, but feel like you got dressed. It’s an accomplishment that leaves you looking chic. Right now, I will take feeling accomplished and looking chic any way I can.

What is your definition of a nap dress? Are you wearing them? In fact, what are you wearing now?

One of my fave nap dresses are Sleeper dresses, and I’ve linked some for you below!

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Investment Piece: do it all

Nap Dress: Summer Sleep

Investment Piece: summer sleep
Investment Piece: Summer Sleep
Investment Piece: Summer Sleep
Investment Piece: Summer sleep
Investment Piece: summer sleep

Can a dress help you sleep better? I’m game to find out!

Ironically enough, the morning that I read The Allure of the Nap Dress by Rachel Syme, I had already spent some time looking at Sleeper (the nightgown dress) dresses on sale. After reading the article, I was a little more obessed with finding my own nap dress. I can struggle with sleep, and if fashion is the answer I’m excited about it.

I found this number at Target and I had to have it. Yes, it reminded me of a Sleeper dress, and yes with nap dresses at the front of my mind, I was looking for something just like it.

And loves, it’s great- I love the off-the-shoulder and it hangs well, and has just enough personality (the color, the dots, the little flounce)!

It’s become my go-to (yes, you’ve seen it all over my IG feed. I throw it on, yes, sometimes every day, when I need to feel dressed, but not constrained. It’s comfy enough to lounge in, but looks polished for the few errands I run, or taking out the trash. (And yes, when we can all get together it will look great at all those parties!) It makes me feel good without any effort.

The one thing I haven’t done in it? Sleep.

So, is it a nap dress? Is it helping me sleep this summer?

If a nap dress is something in between a nightgown and a dress, this fits the bill. If a nap dress is something to lounge in, then this is it. I’ve slept well on days that I’ve worn it. And there are days when I can’t seem to sleep, no matter what I’m wearing. This dress does look chic- and maybe focusing on that is the way to a good night’s sleep? Or maybe I go all the way and sleep in this number.

I’m open to all ideas. As for now, how I’m “napping” is wearing this and relaxing in the afternoon. And it’s going chicly!

I’ve linked this exact outfit for you below!
What are you napping in?

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Shop the look here

Investment Piece: summer sleep

Sunday Chronicles: How Are You Sleeping?

Investment Piece: how are you sleeping?

How are you sleeping right now? Sleep and me? We’ve never had the easiest relationship. My mom will tell you that I started sleeping a straight 12 hrs at about a month old– but it was the 12 hours between 3a and 3p.

While that was eventually worked out, I’ve always had a hard time going to sleep, staying asleep, and was never a good napper. So, now that the world is a little crazy, sleep comes and goes for me. I seem to have no middle. There are nights when I am wiped by 9:30 and I crawl into bed in whatever I have on. There are nights when I can’t seem to sleep and it’s 2a and I’m watching “The Golden Girls”.

In fact, my entire schedule seems to be that way- days when I can stick to it, days when everything goes out the window. And my fashion too. Days when I’m dressed and look cute. Days when I’m in a combo of pjs and workout pants.

(It’s another post, but yes I’m trying to set rituals and schedules- if you have any tips, I’m all ears!)

Suffice to say, there are days when I’m exhausted and am constantly looking for ways to sleep better, and to look more chic while I do it. I came across this article, The Allure of the Nap Dress by Rachel Syme. She details the Nap dress (yes, there’s a dress called the nap dress) and the company that makes it; but most importantly the allure of sleep that wearing a dress like a nap dress can bring. (Aka the romance and sleepiness of it). I was intrigued.

By no means is THE Nap dress the only nap dress, though I have also been stalked by that one. Nap dresses (for me) bring to mind the Sleeper dresses (like this one), pj dressing (which we know I’m a fan of, see here for starters), and the ardent hope that dressing for bed all the time would make me sleep better.

Since I’ve been thinking about “nap dresses” (and yes, all of a sudden everyone calling all their dresses nap dresses has started. Or at least, I’ve started noticing it), nap dresses have been popping up everywhere I look. Vintage ones. New ones. One’s from Target and ones from Neimans. Dresses that you could just nap in and dresses made for napping.

What story is told when we dress for a nap during the day? This week, we’re looking into it. From new dresses to vintage ones, I’m taking a look at dresses that will make me look chic and hopefully make me sleep better. Im excited to have you join me!

Wishing us all a week of good sleep and amazing shoes!

Time and Place

Investment Piece: Time and Place
Investment Piece: Time and Place
Investment Piece: time and place

There is a time and a place for everything.

I fell in love with this dress back in February (March?). The cut, the option to belt or not, it went with my boots, I knew it would go with sandals and heels. I spent a good 30 mins in the dressing room (and days after) imagining all the ways an all the places I could wear it and how it would wow.

And as much as I could picture all the places, the timing wasn’t right. It was just out of my budget. (Yes, I believe in getting everything you want and not blowing up your budget. It’s the only way!)

Then, about a month ago, I was randomly going through sales and lo and behold- this dress. The one I had dreamed of, that had been on my Wishlist for months. It was over half off. And I had to have it.

So I did.

But now that I have the time down, what about the place?

Investment Piece: time and place
Investment Piece: Time and place
Investment Piece: Time and Place

Some real talk?
I could go on and on about all the ways and places that I want(ed) to wear this dress.
Place right now is hard. I know, I’m supposed to tell you that I’m wearing this number around the house–and I am! Unbelted it’s a great caftan, I’ve cooked and run errands in it! It makes me feel so special when I put it on.
There are days when I don’t. I’m currently writing this post on a late afternoon in bike shorts that I can’t be bothered to change out of. I could be wearing the dress, making my own events, but I’m not. Because sometimes days are hard.

I’m , at heart, an optimist, so I believe in all the places I could wear this eventually, and that there will be days I wear it (again) around the house). I believe in all the events I can create at home for it.

The timing came together, and I trust that the place will.
Time and place. They don’t always work how we think they will, but they do always work out.

I’ve linked this dress and some shoe options for you below. Are you wearing your clothes? I would love to hear about it!


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Investment piece: time and place

Where to Shop: Gia-Texas

Investment Piece: Gia-Texas

I love wearing pieces that are vintage (or vintage inspired), let me stand out, are ethical, and I love supporting women owned businesses. When I get the chance to wear stunning silk that lets me do all of the above? It’s heaven!

And beloveds, that’s what Gia Texas is, heaven. Classic trousers, made in vintage silks, sold by the most amazing woman- Sheryl.

Investment Piece: Gia Texas

You may be asking yourself: what exactly are Gia-Texas pants?

They are made out of vintage saris (yes, they are made of saris from India, completely ethical in how the silk is repurposed and the workers are paid a living wage!) but remind me of beach pajamas, the chic look of resort going women in the 1930s and a holy grail item for many a vintage lover. (Read more about them here)
Investment Piece: Gia Texas

Sheryl began her career in interior design, so when she found these pants in London while living there for a brief time with her family, she fell in love with the feel of the silk, and the versality of the pant. When her daughter-in-law also wanted a pair, Sheryl realized she might have a second career on her hands. Sheryl became the only Stateside vendor of these sari or “dream catcher” pants, with @Gia_Texas, the pants are still sold in London under @Gia_London on Instagram.

I love looking at both of these Instagram handles for inspiration!  Gia-London tends to style these pants as more boho/festival. Gia-Texas (the only distributer in the states!) styles them in a more “Texas” style, i.e. with denim. Me? I style them every which way!

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer

I (after all these years) don’t know what to say my style is: I’ve never said no to a party look, wear swimsuits with everything, and am open to anything unique.
These are some of the ways I’ve styled these pants:
With a corset top (over the waist band) with heels for a party look
With a blazer for a work look
With a cropped tee and sandals
With my bikini and my feet in the pool
With a tank for lounging.

Investment Piece: the pants of summer

There’s no wrong way to style these. They do look great with everything from a floral crown to a jean jacket to a beach cover up to a board room. They’re both a nod to vintage style, completely unique, a statement, and a go-to piece (even for grocery runs!) all in one.
Investment Piece: Gia Texas

Besides looking chic and feeling comfy, there are a ton of reasons to love Gia-Texas:
*All the pants are made from vintage silk! It’s ethical! And no two are alike. You could get pants with silk from the 60s, 70s, someone wore on a special day. I love that we could all get them and they would each be different pants.

*They are washable! Simply use mesh bags in the washer.

*One size fits most. And they’re comfortable at any size!

*This silk is light and perfect for summer heat, but will also work amazing with sweaters in the fall!

*All pants ship free in the States!

Investment Piece: Where to Shop Gia Texas

You can shop these gems of pants anytime at Gia-Texas and use code INVESTMENTPIECE for a discount!
As a special treat, Sheryl and I will be doing a live Instagam trunk show to show off the pants (including her new shipment with all sorts of new colors and patterns) and share styling tips! I’ll post information both here, on my Instagram, and on the Facebook page–so keep your eyes peeled!

Until then–happy shopping!

Easing into It

Investment Piece: Easing into It
Investment Piece: Easing Into It
Investment Piece: Easing into It
Investment Piece: Easing into It
Investment Piece: Easing into It

Have Monday’s felt a bit more Monday-ish lately? Just me? How are you dealing with it?

I’ve tried taking Monday off, which works and doesn’t; there have been many Monday’s when I feel like I’m not getting anything done but taking the day off can feel like I’m setting my week up to fail.

(Side note: if you have control over your schedule, take Friday’s off. It’s the best! You can quote me!)

So, my solution? I’m easing into things. I’ve been taking Monday as an easing day. The tasks I assign myself are basic, like admin work, and I let myself take my time with everything.

Another way I ease into it? Outfits like this: silk camis (yes, this is technically pjs but it’s oh-so-pretty that I can’t help but wear it out!) and shorts.

*Note I originally feel in love with these MotherDenim shorts BUT found these chino shorts in the men’s department at Target and was able to create the look for less!! The shorts, which ever you like, are great- comfy, go with everything, and manage to be tailored and lived in at the same time.

This is the type of outfit that you can ease in. Drink your coffee (on the porch or on the couch). Do what tasks you need to get done. Run your errands. Then stop the day early. Relax. Get ready to face the week. All while staying comfy and looking chic.

How do you ease into it?

I’ve had this top for years (but found you similar ones!) and I can’t say enough things about the shorts (I will add though that I think they’ll also look great with sweaters in the fall!)

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Easing into It

The Pants of Summer

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
My loves, this is a new and exciting partnership with Gia Texas. While I did get pants, th opinions and advice below is completely my own. Love these pants like I do? Use code INVESTMENTPIECE for a special discount!

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer

Usually, at this time of the year, with the heat, I’m living in skirts. Swim suits. Pants are the last thing on my mind. Even the thought of them can seem too hot and overbearing. Really. Who wants to wear pants in the summer?

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
As it turns out, me. But loves, these pants aren’t the traditional pants that I avoid at this time of year. These Gia pants are made from up-cycled saris, made from the softest silk, made ethically, fit everyone (smocked waist) and go WITH EVERYTHING. I’ve been wearing these pants non-stop since I got them- in every which way.

Investment Piece: The pants of summer
With my swim. You can get these wet (they’re machine washable, but use a mesh bag for safety!)- they’re the best cover-up, they move with every breeze, and as you can adjust how high you sit the waist, they can make any top look flattering!

Investment Piece: the pants of summer
One of the best things about palazzo pants? (Which is essentially what these are) They are the best of both worlds- pants and skirts. Pair these with a more formal top (here I hid the smocking) and use them as a formal skirt. Even for backyard parties, these are so chic and easy. You can put them on and forget about them, they’re so comfy they make any look feel like you’re relaxing.

Investment Piece: The Pants of summer
Doing business? Throw on a blazer or a longer jacket and these pants are business. Casual or not.

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
And of course, these pants are the ultimate lounge look. Pair with your fave tee, tank, sweatshirt, or whatever makes you feel comfy!

Anytime I don’t know what to wear, I’ve reache for these pants. And yes, if you’ve visited the website or the Instagram (@gia-Texas) you may be thinking these pants lend themselves to more of a festival or causal look. And you’re right! But they can also be classic. Or formal. Or business. One of the great things about these pants is that they can be anything you need. Waist high or low. Easy or complicated.
And each one is so different! Because they are made from old saris, no two are alike. Different patterns, colors, and eras. You can pick a pair that’s completely you, and let it speak for you.

I have so much more to tell you about Gia Texas. Look forward to posts telling you all about the company, Sheryl (the owner), a trunkshow we have planned for you, and all the things. In the meantime use code INVESTMENTPIECE or this link for a discount on your own pair. Pick one that you love! Style how you see fit!

See how often you wear pants at the end of summer. I’m wearing mine non-stop!

Investment Piece: the pants of summer

Fashion Stories: PhoebePhiloFan

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

I’m a true believer that fashion is a medium with which to tell stories; and, that we tell stories every time we get dressed, or buy clothes. So, it’s no surprise that I’m simply fascinated by what we buy, collect, and hang onto in our closets. These are the stories I love telling!

This month I had the privilege of speaking to Tess of PhoebePhiloFan (she is a must follow on Instagram, @pheobephilofan). Tess is a dear friend, and over the years has evolved not only her personal style, but her collection of one of her favorite designers, Phoebe Philo (when she was at Celine). Tess and I sat down to chat all things Celine, Phoebe, personal style, and more!

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

IP: What started you on your journey to collect Phoebe Celine? Or, why collect Phoebe Celine?
Tess: Well, I got a few of her pieces throughout the years, but recently felt like I have honed in on my own personal style, and this specific era from Celine really represents that.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

IP: What would you say your personal style is?
Tess: I feel like it’s become more sophisticated and self confident, not as much flashy or showy. I feel like it really reflects my inner self confidence so it’s more about me and less about the clothes–though it is about the clothes!
IP: Everytime I see you I feel like you look very chic, but also very Tess. Nothing ever looks like a costume or like you’re letting the clothes wear you.
Tess: I feel that for a while I was experimenting, but I’ve always been searching for clothes that really reflect the true me, and through Phoebe Philo I’ve found that.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

IP: So where do you find all of these great Phoebe Philo pieces?
Tess: I look all over the place. The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, eBay, local second hand shops like UAL, etc. I find most of it second hand, which helps with cost, but I really look all over.
IP: So, how much of your closet is Phobe Philo?
Tess: I would say about 20%. I feel like I buy clothes frequently, but I’m now at the point where I would rather buy fewer clothes of higher quality and things that I really love than just whatever is trendy. So, I don’t feel badly about spending a little bit more and investing in her pieces rather than going for the easy, fast fashion pieces that quickly go out of style, or the quality isn’t there!
IP: Investment Pieces are something I understand and love!

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories: PhoebePhiloFan
IP: so, where are you going from here? Is Phoebe something you intend to keep collecting on purpose, or do you see this as an evolution of your own style/wardrobe?
Tess: I’ve been through Phoebe and OldCeline, and they really fit my sense of self. So, I would say I’m just incorporating this into my wardrobe, I still buy other designers and pieces, but since I love Phoebe so much will always make space for her in my closet!
IP: How has this changed your interaction with fashion and the fashion community? Your account is so beautiful, and you’ve had great engagement. How has this changed your outlook on fashion?
Tess: I think it makes me more mindful about the way I shop. Before I feel like I could get distracted by trends, and now I’m following the trends a little less and staying true to my own sense of style more. I’m investing in classic staples, and being ok with that, and then having one or two stand out items. But I now really think more long term when I shop.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories, PhoebePhiloFan
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories, PhoebePhiloFan

IP:So you take all your pictures yourself?
Tess: Yes, I do! I love photography too, though I know very little about it, so I’m loving the pictures side of this too, as well as the fashion of course. Actually, one time I was at the graffiti wall in Austin and someone saw me shooting and asked if I needed them to take my picture; and I explained that I love taking the pictures myself. It’s part of the journey for me.
IP: You’re so good at it! Taking the pictures yourself is still something I’m working on!
Tess: and there are times when I feel bad. Like my husband would take my photos for me, but I really don’t think he gets what I do-I mean he knows it’s important to me, but I don’t know that he would capture the pictures that I’m going for.

SideNote: Mr. PhoebePhiloFan is amazing as well, but yes, I get that!

Investment Piece: fashion stories: PhoebePhiloFan
My husband laughs every time I wear these shoes. Phoebe can be so specific and that’s part of what I love about it!

I just adore Tess of PhoebePhiloFan, her fashion choices, and her fashion philosophy! I hope that you enjoyed this fashion story as well–make sure to follow Tess (@phoebephilofan) on Instagram and I’ve picked out some of my fave Celine pieces for your shopping pleasure below!

Investment piece: fashion stories PhoebePhiloFan
Investment Piece: Fashionstories PhoebePhiloFan

What stories are you telling in your closet?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support! Xo RA

Shop Celine picks here and